Black Clover

"Black Clover" main characters Asta and Yuno.

After airing its last episode Tuesday, the “Black Clover” official page has announced a movie will be released.

No additional information on when the movie will be released has come out yet, along with no information on what the movie will be about.

The massively popular anime will follow in the footsteps of other great shōnen anime by having a follow-up movie.

While many fans hoped the post-series announcement would be a switch to seasonal releases of the show, having more “Black Clover” content in the form of a movie is just as good.

While seasonal releases have not been confirmed yet, it is highly expected to be announced once the manga and anime find some more distance.

From October 2017 to March 2021, “Black Clover” has been talked about in many different ways, both positive and negative.

It has received a lot of controversy for the animation quality and its parallels to “Naruto: Shippuden." Even so, some of the most fervent anime-watchers have found the show enticing and worthy of the audience it commands.

Similar to other shōnen anime, some story elements may have been recycled, along with some story structure, but “Black Clover” manages to tell a compelling story nonetheless.

The final episode proved to be a great culmination of everything the series has represented so far. With the Clover Kingdom preparing for a full-scale attack on the Spade Kingdom, where the story goes from here in the movie will surely be amazing.

Unfortunately, there is currently no information on the release of the “Black Clover” movie.

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