Lin-Manuel Miranda in the lead role of smash-hit Broadway musical "Hamilton," now streaming on Disney+.

Lin-Manuel Miranda’s hit musical “Hamilton” arriving on Disney+ guarantees every fan a front row seat to a wondrous original production.

“Hamilton” is a hip-hop and rap-based musical that tells the story of Alexander Hamilton’s role in validating and defending the U.S. Constitution.

Originally debuting on Broadway in January 2015, “Hamilton” has since become a smash hit that’s taken the world by storm. Its unique blend of rap and ballads has paved the way for a whole new generation of Broadway musicals. A 2016 live performance of “Hamilton” released to Disney+ on Friday allows viewers to immerse themselves in the story while in the comfort of their own homes. 

Recognizable stars such as Jonathan Groff, known best for playing Kristoff in the “Frozen” franchise, and Anthony Ramos, who stars in Miranda’s most recent musical “In the Heights," play key roles throughout the musical.

While there is no other occasion like going to a theater and seeing a performance of “Hamilton” live, being able to view it in the intimacy of one’s own home makes for a more convenient experience. Especially during these unprecedented times when Broadway shows have been canceled, there is no better time than now to watch “Hamilton." 

The cinematography used in the recorded version of “Hamilton” gives fans literal and figurative different points of view on the show. Close-ups on the actors’ faces provide more insight to the emotions being portrayed, allowing for deeper connections to the characters. The quality of recording is at the usual Disney standard. Every song and line spoken is represented as if viewers were actually in the theater with the performers. 

In October 2015, the Gilder Lehrman Institute partnered with Miranda on the Hamilton Education Program. This program invites high school curriculum to incorporate Hamilton and the work of the founding fathers into their classrooms and then go see the musical. Title 1 high schools selected for the program become eligible to pay just $10 to see “Hamilton” in theaters.

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