This is Weekend Voices, Iowa State's source for events happening both this week and over winter break, movies being released throughout December and January, new releases in the world of music throughout December and January as well as a brief 2020 horoscope. 

You may already have "lo-fi chill hip-hop beats for studying" queue'd up on your computer while studying for finals this Dead Week, but Limelight has you covered with our picks for the best albums of 2019.

Finals Week is a stressful time for everyone. There’s no better way to relax than binging a new Netflix show in between exams. Here are the best comedy, romance, horror and guilty-pleasure shows to watch during this Finals Week.

Despite art being embedded in the foundation of the way the world is experienced, it can be easily lost in the big picture. Art is a necessity, and the cost of being immersed in the arts all the time is it can be easily forgotten how art affects daily life. The Octagon Center for the Arts is serving the community of Ames by making art matter. 

The Ames Community Theater (ACTORS) has a long-standing tradition of providing high quality theatrical performances. This nonprofit has produced plays, musicals and other performances for anyone in the Ames community wanting to laugh, cry or be entertained. ACTORS seats 136 audience members with a full house. This theater is currently on its 64th season, and prides itself on being the third oldest theater in Iowa. But behind all of this success is a long line of volunteers filling roles …

The Ames Community Theater (ACTORS) wrapped up its first week of performances for the hit musical “I Love You, You’re Perfect, Now Change.” Despite football games and cold weather that could have served as factors for decreased attendance, the small playhouse filled seats and pleased theater-goers with laughter, tears and more laughter. 

"My Hero Academia" came storming back into the lives of anime fans on October 12, after a grueling 378 days since the season three finale. Seasons one through three proved to fans in the United States that the popular Japanese anime was even better than the pages of the comic. With vibrant colors, breathtaking fight scenes and complex yet devastating backstories, the anime adaption of "My Hero Academia" has claimed the hearts of manga and comic book lovers around the world.