Classes are in full swing and Cyclone students are back on campus for the year. The last two semesters at Iowa State were very different from the typical college experience; days consisted of zoom lectures, constantly wearing pajamas and worst of all, staying home on the weekends.

“Walking through Central Campus on the first day of school gave me chills," said Drew Hafner, junior majoring in marketing. "It feels so good to be back."

Hafner sees being back on campus as an opportunity to “actually get dressed and ready for something.” It’s also a justifiable excuse to spend portions of your paycheck on back to school clothes.

Here is your back-to-school fall 2021 lookbook to guide you through what you can wear for each occasion you might run into this semester: 

Comfortable yet cute

class look

Dressing stylishly to class is not as hard as you think it is. Ditch the sweats and upgrade your look.

Comfort is key when it comes to being in class. Especially after quarantine, the appreciation for being comfortable while at work and school has grown immensely. Although some may perceive sweats as “lazy”, there are ways to elevate your loungewear to make your outfit look thoughtful and planned.

Matching similar colors is a great way to accomplish a put together look. Monochrome, shades of the same color, are in this season seen mainly in matching loungewear sets. Pair some joggers or sweat shorts with a cropped tank of the same color to achieve this look. Try going for in-season neutral colors like beige, tan, white or brown to complement the fall season.

Adding accessories to your outfit can elevate your ensemble as well. Pairing a hat with your outfit is a great way to add another element, not to mention very practical for wearing in between hair wash days.

You can also make your outfit louder by sporting an eye-catching graphic tee or hoodie. Show off your favorite bands and brands to everyone on campus.

Casual wear

casual look

Casual looks do not have to look thrown together. Elevate your outfiit with fun sneakers and accessories. 

A slight upgrade from comfy class wear, casual wear has more structure and versatility. While still remaining comfortable, casual wear can be worn to go to dinner, run errands, get groceries etc.- basically your everyday wear.

To make a casual outfit, start with a pair of basic colored pants; black, grey or denim are easiest to match. Then, add any shirt or tee- it's as simple as it seems. You can opt for a button up for a more tailored look or go for a simple t-shirt for comfy casual. 

One of the best ways to style a casual outfit is to pair it with a bright, funky shoe. Make the focal point of the outfit something unique and eye-catching to set yourself apart from the crowd around you.

Going out and about

going out look

Fun prints and colors are in this fall. Do not be afraid to experiment with them to create a look that stands out. 

While going out in Ames isn't as much as a party scene like downtown Des Moines or another big city, it doesn't mean you can't treat it like one.

Show off your best outfits that reflect your personal style. This is the time to put on all of the pieces that you impulse bought and couldn't show off over quarantine.

Whether you are going to class, dinner, or Welch Ave. with your friends, every opportunity to leave the house is exciting these days.

“It’s like I get to show off all of the outfits I’ve had planned but never gotten a chance to wear yet. And my shoes- they are dying to be worn,” said Britt Green, a senior studying criminal justice and forensic science.

The outfits shown in the lookbook are easily tailorable to your own personal style. Get creative with it, go to class and wear the shoes.

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We all know she's not talking to anyone on the phone

Carlton flores

While going out in Ames isn't as much as a party scene like downtown Des Moines or another big city, it doesn't mean you can't treat it like one. vidmate

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