Prep Week is rounding the corner, meaning finals are in sight. At the end of each semester, Prep Week is a week designated to providing students with time to prepare for their upcoming exams. As you hit the books this week, here are a few must-haves to carry you through a week of preparation. 

Blue light glasses 

Spending nearly eight hours a day looking at a computer screen is bound to provoke a splitting headache. Protect your eyes from blue light emitted through your screens by investing in a pair of blue light-blocking glasses, both a fashionable and functional solution. Check out this unisex set on Amazon or support Ames local small business Nook & Nest — located on Main Street — to snag a pair. 

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Avoid exhaustion with these study tips.

Time-marked water bottle 

Over half of your body is made up of water — meaning it’s exceedingly important to keep your body hydrated to function at its best. Adequate hydration is proven to brighten skin, spike energy, clarify thoughts and overall, increase quality of life. If you find yourself regularly coming to the realization before dinner that you haven’t drank any water throughout the day, purchasing this time-marked water bottle may be a game changer. This BPA-free water bottle will help keep your hydration in check from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 

Verb Energy bars

Ditch the overpriced lattes and sugar-saturated energy drinks and get your jitter-free boost through an energy bar. With a total of 90 calories, Verb Energy bars have as much caffeine as a shot of espresso and come in many mouth-watering flavors, such as vanilla latte, maple blueberry, salted peanut butter and more. They’ll save you money and make a cute accessory to your backpack pocket due to their chic packaging.  

Sleep Cycle

When a final exam needs to be taken at 8 a.m., there is no time for morning grogginess. The Sleep Cycle app, available for download on mobile devices, is a lifesaver. This app analyzes your sleep cycle and wakes you up to a gentle tune in your lightest phase of sleep. This technology helps wake you up feeling rested and diminishes morning dread. 

Ring flashcards

It’s a proven fact that writing is tied to productive memorization. Quit using typing terms in Quizlet flashcards and handwrite your own! These ring-bound flashcard sets come in a variety of bright colors and are sure to help sharpen your skills before any upcoming exam. 

As this semester wraps up, finish strong, but don’t forget to take time for yourself and care for your body. It’s important to work hard and invest in your future, but remember, your body will carry you through every step of the way. Self-care is a long-term investment your future self will be grateful for. Good luck!

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