Gift Guides 2021

Struggling to find the perfect gift for all the unique friends in your life? These gift ideas are hand-picked for every person in your circle. 

Polaroid Camera

For the friend that is always on the move to find their next adventure, this Polaroid camera ensures candid and natural documentation of each quest. Available on Amazon and offered in an array of colors, this camera is a crowd-favorite among many. 

Disco Ball Plant Hanger

Everyone has a “crazy plant-lady” in their group, or at the very least, someone close to that point. This quirky disco ball plant hanger can be found on Etsy, sold by a shop called DadoDadoDesigns. Available in different sizes to fit in any room, this planter is the perfect gift for every green-thumb. 

Wide Mesh Tote

For any friend pursuing an eco-friendly lifestyle, this mesh tote is a great way to reduce waste while also being stylish. Its maker, Public Goods, states their product is all natural, eco-friendly and vegan-friendly. Also machine washable, this bag is both practical and easy to care for, making it a new staple piece for every earth-lover. 

Amped Fleece Throw Blanket

This cozy blanket is for your go-to movie marathon partner. Sold at Urban Outfitters and offered in lavender, pink, blue or sand, this throw is the ultimate grab for any avid Netflix watcher. It also gives you an excuse to start planning your next movie day, and who wouldn’t want that? 

The Little Book of Self-Care

For the friend that never seems to put their book down, this miniature astrological guide will allow them to learn more about themselves while still doing the thing they love -- reading. Sold in twelve different versions for each astrological sign, there is a book specifically available for each one of your friends. These books of self-care are available in hard-copy at Barnes & Noble or online through NOOK Book. 

JBL Clip 3

This portable, clip-on speaker is ideal for the friend constantly playing music. Sold by JBL, this device is small enough to take virtually anywhere, making it perfect for moments on-the-go. Available in 12 different colors, this speaker can even be used as a bag or backpack accessory.

Oil Diffuser

For the friend that constantly overworks themself, give the gift of relaxation and aromatherapy. This oil diffuser can be used in any room, small or large, and will fill the air with whatever scent the user chooses. Available at Target for $15, this is also a great gift for those on a budget this holiday season. 

Custom Long Distance Love Art Piece

If you happen to be doing long distance with any friend, a customized art print is a special way to feel close to them this winter. This art is sold by FinchandCotter on Etsy, and it has high ratings on both the product and seller. Entirely customizable down to the colors, fonts and sizes, this gift will be completely unique to you and your friend. 

Stir the Pot Game

For the friend that is always hosting the parties, this game promises night-long entertainment and fun. Stir the Pot is from the makers of the popular game “What Do You Meme?,” rated 4.4 stars and is available at Walmart for $19.99.

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