homecoming parade 2019 #1

The Iowa State Marching Band and Color Guard played during the Homecoming Parade in downtown Ames on Sunday.

Iowa State had one of many kick off celebratory events for Homecoming week on Sunday with the Iowa State Homecoming Parade.

Iowa State’s Homecoming Parade took place on Sunday on Main Street in downtown Ames. Attendees, whether they were Iowa State students, Ames community members or Iowa State fans, lined up along Main Street in order to watch the annual Homecoming Parade.

Spectators saw a wide variety of clubs and organizations ranging from the Iowa State Marching Band and the Iowa State Cheerleaders to ROTC and Cosplay Club.

Iowa State Marching Band color guard member Haley Bell, a sophomore in kinesiology, said the band is excited for Homecoming and that excitement continued through the band's preparation for the Homecoming Parade.

Bell said the band has a parade set they often do during tailgating, and the band follows the mood of the crowd. She also said how it is exciting to be a part of the kick off for homecoming, as well as see community members who are fans of the marching band. 

“We’re excited for the Homecoming game because the alumni band comes back, and we get to meet them and perform with them,” Bell said.

Collin Long, a member of ROTC at Iowa State, also said the Homecoming Parade is important.

Long said ROTC wanted to get involved when they heard that the Homecoming Parade had openings, and decided it would be a great way to get their name out there.

“All the clubs and organizations have a chance to come together so that the Ames community can see them,” Long said.

homecoming parade 2019 #2

Members of the Iowa State Cardinal Court are followed by cheerleaders in the Homecoming Parade on Sunday.

Not only were clubs, organizations and floats a big part of the parade, but the planning behind it was important as well. Sophie Catus, a senior in supply chain management, and Ashlyn Kotcho, a senior in industrial engineering, were the co-chairs for the Homecoming Parade aspect of the Homecoming Committee and the backbone behind the annual Homecoming Parade.

“The Homecoming Parade has been happening for the last 100 years, and to continue the tradition is such an honor, to be able to say that I contributed to it,” Catus said.

Catus said the community factor of Homecoming is important because it’s a time for clubs, organizations and the Iowa State community to come together to participate together.

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