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Humble Donuts offers a wide variety of donuts, satisfying all of your dessert needs.

Humble Donuts is a new donut shop that recently opened for business, occupying the space shared with Orange Leaf on Lincoln Way, which was formerly owned by Sweet Mini’s. 

The restaurant has a cozy, welcoming atmosphere. The interior is clean and well illuminated. DK and his mother Eileen Ajiri are the new owners of the shop.

Choosing Ames for the location of the business was an easy decision, DK said. Eileen is an Iowa State alum who graduated in 1968.

“Well, I love Orange Leaf so much, and when this one came up for sale last year, I was like, let’s do this because I love frozen yogurt," DK said. "When we had the opportunity to add Humble Donuts, I thought, what a great match. You can have your froyo in the summer when it’s hot and you can have your donuts when it’s cooler in the fall. It’s a great combination.”

Humble Donuts is a more recent franchise in addition to the existing Orange Leaf.

"I love the concept of a mini donut," DK said. "It’s very unique, and it’s time for this to come to Ames."

The name "Humble Donuts" is reflective of the treats they sell.

“Well, we don’t serve huge donuts," DK said. "We don’t need to serve this massive donut; what we serve is cute, it’s little and it’s humble. We try to be humble in our size, yet bold in our taste. That’s how it got the name.”

You can't find mini donuts many other places in Ames, let alone sold in a frozen yogurt shop.

 “It’s the only mini, decadent-type dessert you can get here in Ames,” DK said.

It's easy to see that the mother-and-son combo have strong feelings toward their donuts being popular here in Ames. 

“You haven’t tasted a cake-style donut as good as these. Ever,” Eileen said.

The donuts are delicious, and among the large variety of options they provide, you are sure to find a favorite.

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