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Aries: You may feel confusion around communication in your life soon. Practice keeping lines of communication clear and open with your loved ones. 

Taurus: Everyone seems to be in a huge rush lately and you feel obligated to take the fastest path. Don’t be confined by time, your process can’t be rushed.

Gemini: Lately, you may feel like you’re putting all the work into certain relationships. While you feel like they deserve a second chance, realize you’ll have to make a decision some time.

Cancer: Don’t let others make you feel held back. Focus on the people who encourage your growth. They are the ones who will get you where you’re meant to be.

Leo: You’ve been feeling a very strong force of indecisive nature around you lately. Don’t let it get to you, just because others are lost, doesn’t mean you are too.

Virgo: Don’t let people convince you to take the easy way out. You value quality over quantity, don’t be ashamed of it.

Libra: You’ve been receiving exciting news lately, but you’re not allowed to share it to the world yet. Don’t worry, you should feel honored to be in the know. 

Scorpio: Don’t take criticism too harshly today. If you feel like staying in today, don’t let someone convince you otherwise. Trust your gut.

Sagittarius: You may have felt like throwing a curveball lately. Do it, the time has never been better. If things go wrong, you have time to recover. 

Capricorn: Connections in your life are blooming, don’t be afraid to embrace it. You have focused on putting up walls, but now it’s time to tear them down.

Aquarius: The friendly joking between you and another may be walking a thin line. Don’t be practicing low blows, leave that to someone with nothing better to do.

Pisces: You’ve been having issues in relationships lately, be reassured in knowing you can trust them. Don’t be afraid of losing them.

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