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Take time to read your horoscopes and know what's in store for you soon. It may be in your best interest to reevaluate some things.

Aries: You haven’t been getting along with someone lately, you need to drop that negative energy. Put your energy into the relationships you have that will benefit you.

Taurus: You’ve been making some positive strides lately and people have been noticing! Expect positive reinforcements soon to lift your spirit. 

Gemini: Someone you love is dealing with someone rough right now. Give them time to work things out on their own, but know they’ll always come back to you.

Cancer: You may notice a lot of your friends are in need right now and you have the tools to help! Be there for those who need you, your loving heart was made for this.

Leo: You’ve got good communication skills, but they deserve to be put to more creative use! Try different forms of communication today, write a love letter, sing a song. 

Virgo: Now is the time to share your creativity with your loved ones. Take the critiques into consideration and know there’s always room for improvement.

Libra: You may feel there are external energies trying to push you off course today, but keep your focus. You have a plan, trust yourself and don’t doubt it. 

Scorpio: You love being in the know, but save some things for yourself! Not everything needs to be revealed right away, take a breath and have faith in the process.

Sagittarius: You may be feeling like you’re feeling too much lately. Try taking time to walk through your emotions with yourself before acting on them.

Capricorn: You’ve been feeling very creative lately, don’t let that good energy go to waste! Take time to practice your hobbies and let your juices flow.

Aquarius: A lot of people come to you when they have problems. Know that you can be one to help, or leave them be. Make your decision compassionately. 

Pisces: Know your own strength. Sometimes you doubt your own power. Be courageous and know that you can power through whatever comes your way.

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