The Hinge date

Hinge is partnering with Uber Eats and Chipotle to bring users a unique opportunity for "cuffing season."

As “cuffing season” gets closer and closer and rumors of a second lockdown start to stir, single people might start to experience a little panic. Cuffing season commonly refers to the months when it starts to get colder and right before the holidays, when people often get into relationships for the remainder of the year. Whether you are going to be single for the holidays, dating is getting trickier when it comes to deciding what to do and where to go for first dates. 

The dating app Hinge is temporarily offering a solution to this problem. Now through Dec. 5, if you order Chipotle through the Uber Eats app, your next three orders will be up to $20 off. This partnership between Uber Eats and Chipotle is sponsored by Hinge and Hinge users are encouraged to take this opportunity to stay inside and enjoy Chipotle, on them.

There are some conditions to the promotion. In order to participate, you first have to order Chipotle through Uber Eats using a unique promo code. To use the discounts Hinge is sponsoring, you will have to order from the same account in the future. 

Although this promotion is specifically targeting Hinge users, it is not conditional that you have to have a date to use the promotion. 

There is even a “cuffing season menu” now available in the Chipotle Uber Eats app. The menu includes a “day date” and a “night date” combo to share, as well as a “Hinge date” entree for those meeting over video call. 

Hinge users received an email Nov. 13 from Hinge that this promotion was available now until Dec. 5. There are even some new prompt options on Hinge in order to spark up a little conversation about burrito orders.

Whatever your personal life looks like right now, there’s no reason to not take advantage of Chipotle at a discounted cost. Find a friend, family member or someone you met on Hinge to enjoy this limited time offer with.

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