It is time to start looking ahead and preparing our closets for spring 2022. Not sure where to start? Here are five fashion looks that will be trending in the next couple of months.

One pieces

one piece

This one piece is paired with a blazer and baseball hat to create a casual yet classy look. Buy it on Revolve's website

Rompers have been in and out of fashion for the last couple of years, but this new style of romper is a sleeker, more refined version. Coined to the term “one pieces,” these garments are versatile and can be worn for any occasion: the gym, running errands or even just around the house. A one piece is extremely easy to style because it is in fact, one piece. Not to mention they can be purchased in a variety of colors and lengths to match the exact look you are going for. 



You can never go wrong with a matching set! Check this one out on Dolls Kills for a bold look. 

Sparkles and glam have never really gone out of style, but this coming season, they are especially going to be in. Consider purchasing a matching set to be dripped head to toe in sparkles. Elevate the look by spritzing on some spray on body glitter- try this one from Amazon. 

Gingham and Pattern Mixing


This gingham coat is paired with a similar green print underneath showing two different prints that work together. 

Gingham, a dainty, simple print, will be making its way back into the spring fashion trends. It is a print that works with any garment and because it is so modest, it makes it even easier to mix and match with. Along with that, another trend that will be prominent this spring is mixing and matching patterns and colors. After a winter of neutrals and basics, spring fashion will be made up of a lot of bright colors and funky prints paired together.

Minis Skirts and Shirts

mini skirt

Mini skirts have been scouted on the Versace runway in Paris fashion week for Spring 2022.

Replacing last spring’s tennis skirt, mini skirts will be all the rave this season. Tinier than ever, the micro mini skirt brings all the Y2k vibes. The runway has shown us bright colors and prints to be mismatched between skirts and tops. Pair with a halter top and platforms for the ultimate Paris Hilton moment. 

!!!Extremely Controversial!!! Low Rise Jeans

low rise jeans

If we have learned anything, Bella Hadid starts all popular trends so if she's wearing low rise jeans, we probably all will too!

Many people refuse to even give this trend a thought, but low rise jeans are definitely in line to make their way back into fashion. Scary, yes, but sometimes all it takes is a little faith and trust! They get a bad rap based on the fact that people have deemed a certain body type to be the only one to pull this style off, but anyone and everyone could look good in a low rise jean moment. As for how to wear them, a simple top and sneakers will go a long way and not add too much to the statement. They are definitely a piece to look out for this coming spring. 

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