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Before you make your weekend plans, check your horoscopes. The stars may have something planned you didn’t. 

Aries: It’s no secret you like to plan, but keep yourself open today. It might be best to keep your agenda open for change.

Taurus: Alone time is important and rejuvenating for you, but you’ve had enough of it lately. You feel a desire to take a risk — is it worth it? 

Gemini: You’ve always been the competitive type, but you need to realize there’s more to life than winning competitions. You’re still worthy without first place.

Cancer: Old relationships are looking to come back into your life lately. Only you can decide if you’re ready for them or not. 

Leo: You’ve never been one to hide your emotions, but concealing your temper might be beneficial today. Don’t do or say something you might regret. 

Virgo: It seems as if everyone around you is moving so fast. But don’t forget it’s okay to take your time. Don’t worry about catching up. Just do you.

Libra: Creating positive energy in the space around you is important. Whether it be your office, your home or your bedroom, take time to decorate and brighten up the place. 

Scorpio: You may be feeling defeated lately, but at least you’re trying. Whether your attempts are successful or not, you’ll have a lot to learn from. 

Sagittarius: Your friends have been reminiscing on the past a lot lately, but don’t let this make you lose track. Remember the importance of keeping focus on the future. 

Capricorn: Don’t forget about your creativity, it has a role in all aspects of your life! Whether it be your work or a personal project, include your own unique touch.

Aquarius: You’ve run into some money lately and are feeling lucky. While you’re not a big spender, be careful with your finances and check up on your bank statements soon.

Pisces: A wise man once said, “I’m starting with the man in the mirror.” This is important advice. You can’t change others around you, but you can change yourself.

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