If you decide to celebrate Halloween this year, be sure to choose the appropriate attire to prioritize safety, practice social distancing and mitigate the spread of COVID-19. Here are some costume ideas you would already need a mask for anyway!

  1. Cat

Dressing as a cat is a sure way to look cute and be comfortable on Halloween and a go-to for a lot of people. Skip the eyeliner on your cheeks and apply it directly to your mask for a whiskered look. 

  1. Ninja 

A ninja’s anonymity is crucial, so wearing a mask will be ideal anyway. Make sure it’s all black! This is an easy costume if you already own black pants and a black shirt and can also be super comfortable.

  1. Tourist

tourist halloween costume

If you decide to dress up as a tourist, don't forget your fanny pack, bucket hat and cargo pants!

COVID-19 may have canceled our vacation plans, but become a tourist for wherever you planned to be! Wear your usual tourist outfit, but make your mask and bucket hat a combo to match. Now you are celebrating Halloween and the vacation you missed out on. 

  1. Cowboys/Cowgirls 

Who doesn’t love to add a bandana to their outfit? Tie a bandana around your nose to become a cowboy/girl. If you want to level up, become a futuristic space cowboy by wearing a bright colored cowboy hat with metallic clothing. Either way, wear your bandana above the nose!

  1. Nurse/Doctor

Nurses nowadays are required to wear a mask, so nothing has changed here! Wear your nurse/doctor costume and add a white mask to match it. The mask is an easy accessory added that you can find anywhere. 

  1. Rainbow costume 

Find a rainbow mask and your costume can consist of all blue or blue pants and a white top. This is a type of costume not many people think of. Also, the mask is fun and can be worn after Halloween. 

  1. Fairy

Who doesn’t like bejeweled or sequined face masks? Pick one up for your fairy costume and you can look cute while being safe with a face mask on. Put on any shiny attire with your mask, you will be sparkling. 

  1. Soldier

Wear any type of camouflage and match it to your mask. With these two combinations, you can still wear what you want but continue to match the camo look. Get prepared for the “where is your mouth” jokes!

Halloween this year might look a little different than usual, but as long as you are practicing responsible social distancing and prioritizing safety, there is no reason to not dress up!

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