With the 80-degree days Ames has been having lately, it's time to put the long sleeves into storage and break out the tank tops. If last summer’s wardrobe just wasn't cutting it, and you don’t want to injure your bank account in buying new clothes for the warm weather, here are some super simple and cash-conscience ways to revamp your summer lookbook.

Look 1

DIY look 1 finished

All tops modeled by Kaylee Brown.

DIY look 1 finished

The finished look should have a deep V-cut style back.

If you have an old tank, T-shirt or really anything you have around, this an easy way to make something new out of something borrowed or blue. (Just kidding. It can be literally anything you want.) The first step is to cut a triangular shape from the neckline down. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but make sure it is somewhat straight. Then from the point of the triangle, cut down the middle and tie the two front pieces together. This is a great choice for if you’re in a hurry or need something last minute.

diy look 1

Try following these steps to create a DIY summer crop top.

Look 2

DIY look 2 finished

You may want to adjust the sides of the fabric by the armpit so you can get the scrunched look, and tuck in where need be.

DIY look 2 finished

This is what the back should look like.

The second thing you can do works best with a tank top that has a similar front and back. This one can get a little tricky, but bare with me. Initially, cut off the bottom hem where the stick line is. Then, cut that in half so you have one long string. Take that and loop it through the top of each strap, and then tie the lace one time. Then, take the shirt and put your head through the top, so the front and back of the shirt act as just the front part. After that take the two ends of your lace and put them through the sides of the shirt. They should both come out at the bottom of the tank and then you can grab them and wrap it around to tie in the back. 

DIY look 2

This shirt should have an open back by the time you are finished.

Look 3 

DIY look 3 finished


diy look 3 finished

This shirt will have a halter-style neckline when finished.

The final option is a trend I have been seeing everywhere! It is so easy to do, and the best part is you can use any old tee (like the one you got in high school that is stuffed somewhere in the back of your closet) that is big enough so the bottom half will fit around your chest. For the first step, cut the bottom half off in a straight line. Then, cut off the hem line as in option two. It is easiest to wrap the bottom part around your chest so the two ends meet in the front. Then, take your hem line and cut it so you have a long lace. From the bottom, put it through one of the sides, and then loop it through the other side. The lace should look like a U when you hold the two ends up.

diy look 3

Adjust and tuck as needed. 

At this point, you want to pull it tight so the fabric bunches and pulls closer together, forming a circular shape on the front of your chest. Then, you can either cross the strings or pull them up and tie them at the back of your neck.  

These little tops can be great for any occasion, with any fabric and pattern! Now, we should all be ready to soak up some sun in our new-and-improved wardrobe.

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AmongUs Fan

Looks like a fun and environmentally conscious project [innocent][thumbup][tongue]

I’ll have to give a few of these a try[whistling]

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