Size inclusive brands

Size inclusive brands for every fashion lover are hard to come by. 

Size inclusivity is a result of the body positivity movement that more and more brands are embracing. The climb to inclusive sizing being mainstream is a rocky one. Some brands use incorrect parameters, and some restrict certain styles to sample-size shoppers. Here are some size-inclusive clothing brands that all lovers of style can enjoy.

Loud Bodies

Whimsical and unique style is at the heart of Loud Bodies. It also embraces sizes 2XS to 10XL in the majority of styles. One of the defining elements of Loud Bodies is its transparency with sizing. Customers can contact representatives of the company about concerns with sizes or inclusivity. If a specific size is not offered, Loud Bodies will provide custom tailoring services free of charge. Loud Bodies is also recognized for their sustainability efforts, including reduced plastic in packaging and paying extra fees to offset the carbon emissions they produce.

Girlfriend Collective

This activewear brand is perfect for the rising athleisure trend. Most styles are available in sizes 2XS-6XL. Girlfriend Collective has sports bras, leggings, bike shorts and sweats that epitomize gym chic. All styles come in a range of earthy colors that will flatter every skin tone. A bonus of shopping at Girlfriend Collective is knowing that sustainability is a pillar of the business. Some of the clothing is made from recycled materials like plastic water bottles and the company dumps wastewater into a nearby treatment facility rather than natural waterways.

Universal Standard

Universal Standard is a clothing site that offers excellent essential items to customers. The clothing items are basic go-to’s that go with everything and take the complications of styling an outfit away. The minimalist styles range from 4XS to 4XL, and the jean sizing starts at 00 and ends at 40. Universal Standard is just that, a standard; the styles are timeless, and the sizing is inclusive for many shoppers.


Jeans are difficult to size, shop for and understand. Levi’s are an American classic and are now available in more sizes than just the sample size demographic. Most jean styles are available in women’s 23-34 in sample sizes, 14-26 in plus size and lengths ranging 25-34. Men’s sizes come in 26 through 60 (waist) and 29-40 (length). Levi’s also offers enough styles and fits for everyone to find their favorite pair of quality jeans.


Kim Kardashian’s SKIMS is a brand that specializes in loungewear, bras, underwear and shapewear. Most of the clothing comes in sizes 2XS-4XL, while the lingerie sizes vary depending on the style. The neutral-colored clothing embodies comfort and simplicity. Good luck shopping, however. The mega-celebrity’s brand is selling out fast.

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