Your sister shouldn’t be hard to shop for, as she's probably one of the people you know better than anyone else. If you still need a little inspiration or some last-minute stocking stuffers, here are some ideas. 

Stuff she can wear  

  1. This personalized name necklace available on Etsy is $25 and something she can wear with almost anything, anywhere. You could also do initials, the year she was born or a nickname you call her. Get one for yourself and your other siblings too, for a sibling-twinning moment. If you have a twin, you both need these.

  2. If you are OK spending a little money or splitting the cost with other siblings, a customized painted jean jacket is a super cool and personalized gift. This is especially great if your sister likes wearing unique clothing or thrifts a lot of her wardrobe. Since it is custom and hand painted, this gift is $85.

  3. This Etsy retailer sells custom embroidered Nike sweatshirts — it's not actually Nike, but it looks vintage and you can customize them pretty specifically. Whether she likes plain pink with a white swoosh or a more specific font, these crew necks have great reviews and will be great to layer when it's cold outside. 

Gifts that will fit in a stocking 

  1. Starbucks sticker. Customized Starbucks drink order stickers are perfect for your coffee obsessed little sister. If she puts it on her phone, laptop or on her reusable cup, be sure to get her order right! This gift is $4 to $5.

  2. Give your sis the gift of music and order her this karaoke microphone. This bluetooth mic will connect to your phone so you can play whatever song you like while also amplifying your voice while you sing into it. This is going to make traditional family Christmas caroling a lot more interesting. 

  3. This card game is available on Amazon for $25. If your sister liked the game “What do You Meme,” it is from the same creators and has a similar judgement element that is left to the players. “For the Girls” is perfect for your college- to high school-aged sis.

Gifts she can use

  1. If you and your sisters watched “Cheetah Girls” on Disney channel and argued over who would be which girl, remind her of the Cheetah Sisters with this hot sauce holder. For $12, your sister can feel like Aqua, who was known to always carry hot sauce in her purse. 

  2. Amazon has so many super cute AirPod case covers, you might end up ordering some for everyone in the family! Whether they are a candy lover or a Disney movie feen, these are usually $10 to $15 and will look really cute on her lanyard or keychain.

  3. Although she might not be traveling very much soon, a weekender or duffel overnight bag is something she will probably appreciate. Pack it full of some snacks, a throw blanket and socks for when she next comes to visit you at college. So thoughtful and still functional.

Shopping for the makeup guru  

  1. If your sister is about all things lips, consider any of these gifts for her. The Lush lip scrub is a bestseller and comes in a variety of flavors. For $13, it really helps to exfoliate dry lips during the winter. If you want to stick with this theme, Buxom lip gloss is a must-have for any girl who loves lip gloss. They come in so many different shades and leave a minty aftertaste. The lip gloss is a little expensive, but Morphe lip liners are only $4 and would make for a really great present.

  2. Although it's not makeup, scents and fragrances are equally important. If your sister was really nice to you this year, show her some love and buy her the Gucci Bloom perfume. For a 1.0 ounce bottle, it's $64 for a really beautiful smell that she will love. 

  3. Have a skin care sister? If she doesn’t already have a skin care fridge, this might be the time to get her one. Skin care fridges keep any of your skin care products in a temperature-controlled environment (some products are more effective that way), and they simply plug into the wall. This is also a great gift for dorm dwellers who have most of their products sprawled out on their desks at any given time. 

 Room decorating gifts

Butterfly wall decor

2020 holiday gift ideas for every budget.

  1. These light-up butterflies are available at Walmart for $9 and can add a little something to your sister's room. They are great if your sister is younger or just a princess at heart. 

  2. If your sister has ever mentioned essential oils, crystals or the moon and its phases, these handmade candles on Etsy might be for her. They are a more expensive gift, not to mention handmade, so allow time for shipping when you order. This Lotus flower candle holder is also really pretty. 

  3. Is your sister a plant mom? Look no further. Everyone with a green thumb needs some hanging planters to save some shelf space and make for a really cool aesthetic. Don’t forget the plants!

Whatever direction you decide to take your holiday shopping in this year, keep in mind it is the thought that counts more than anything else. Whether your sister and you are joined at the hip or still have your share of arguments, be sure to show her you love her this season.

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