Mini waffle iron

Essential household items are a lot more fun when they are mini! This season, gift your boyfriend something he can use.

Your boyfriend shouldn’t be hard to shop for this holiday season. Here are some gift ideas that will work within any kind of budget.

Stuff he will actually use 

  1. A mini waffle iron is a fun and functional gift any college chef would love to have. This one on Amazon comes in a variety of different colors and costs $15.99. Now imagine waking up to the smell of your man making mini waffles. Complete with some pancake mix, chocolate chips and hot chocolate!

  2. An espresso machine is the perfect gift for any coffee fiend, your boyfriend included! These can get expensive so check out sales and make sure you don’t overspend. This one is available on Amazon for $47 right now. 

  3. Not every man is the best at decorating and interior design, so help him out a little and give him something he can decorate his room with. Whether you make it yourself or just find some matching stuff at T.J. Maxx, give his room a little love with posters, pillows, blankets or lights.

Gifts he can wear

  1. Finally some socks and underwear to be excited about getting! Rihanna has released her new Savage Fenty menswear that might not be at the top of your man's list, but something he will definitely appreciate. They are currently sold out so you may want to opt for different types of underwear, socks and robes if they are not restocked in time. 

  2. There's nothing better than your man wearing a hooded sweatshirt underneath an open flannel. Shop for a sweatshirt and flannel pairing that’s personalized to his style. Flannels and sweatshirts are just an idea; if he’s more into coats or jackets, opt for finding one he will look great in. 

  3. With the holidays coming, he will finally get a break from Zoom and Webex and looking at his computer screen all day. Chances are, he will still be using his computer, phone or video games to pass the time though. Protect his eyes with these blue light glasses from Amazon for $15. It’s a super functional gift, plus there are tons of different pairs to choose from and you can pick the ones he will look best in!

Cosmetic gifts

  1. Cologne is always the go-to gift for your man, because who is going to smell him more than you? Finding a scent he will wear and like on a budget can be difficult, but there are some really great options. This cologne on Amazon is $30 and smells amazing. It’s a dupe for Creed Aventus, which is much more expensive but smells the same. If you want to spend a little more, remember to check return policies before ordering or ask for samples before you spend a lot. If he doesn't love the smell it won’t be worth your while. 

  2. Lush is always a great place to look for your man's gift. Despite the fact that he’s probably never been inside the store, a fancy face mask is something most guys will get a little excited about. 

  3. If your man has any facial hair, get him some beard oil or conditioner if he doesn't have some already. This will leave his facial hair feeling softer and even smelling good.  

Gifts he will love but not think to ask for 

  1. This mini popcorn machine is so cute and perfect for someone who likes to watch movies or TV. Whether he’s having a movie night with you or gaming with the boys, this is a super nice gift for any occasion. 

  2. Following the theme of mini things, a mini projector is a really great gift your boyfriend will love. You can basically take it anywhere and project a movie onto a sheet or wall and feel like you are in a movie theater. This is a little more expensive, but something any guy will really appreciate and you both can enjoy!

  3. If your boyfriend loves pizza delivery and carry out, consider getting him a subscription to Uber Eats. For $10 a month, he will have no delivery fees and 5 percent off on orders over $15. This is a really thoughtful gift for your foodie boyfriend he never knew he wanted.

Whatever you decide to give your boyfriend, make sure it's thoughtful and there's no way you can go wrong. Whether you two have been together forever or only a couple of weeks, keep things personal and he will definitely love it. 

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