ISU Dining is hard at work in reducing waste in their facilities. ISU Dining centers feed thousands of students and faculty each day, leaving many to question truly how sustainable they strive to be. The centers practice a variety of methods to achieve a more sustainable outcome.

Whether you’re ready or not, the most wonderful time of the year is upon us: winter in Iowa. The air is cooling and students are finally starting to bundle up. With the shifting of the temperature comes the shifting of wardrobes as well. 

Do you have a Type A or Type B personality? What did your horoscope tell you this morning about the relationships in your life? What Harry Potter house are you? Do you watch "The Office" or "Friends?" Are you more of an introvert or an extrovert? Are you the advice giver or receiver in your friend group?

A horoscope is as distinctive as a fingerprint, according to A personal prediction of your day and life based on the positions of the stars and planets and when you were born can be very telling of one's personality, should you choose to pay attention to it. 

The Green Umbrella and Live Green! organizations hosted National Campus Sustainability Day on Friday. The goal of the event was to spread awareness about sustainability and give students the opportunity to see what kinds of sustainable club involvement Iowa State's campus has to offer.

The leaves are changing, the breeze is cooling and pumpkin spice is in full swing. Fall time has finally started, and with the changing of the seasons comes the changing of store racks everywhere. It’s a well-known fact that even before fall begins, stores are already stocking their shelves with jeans, sweaters and scarves in the hopes that consumers will once again fill their closets with the newest trends of the season. 

Fast fashion is a controversial trend. While the clothing that’s produced as a result of this trend is by far cheaper than the designer styles, its process of recreating and imitating high fashion is harmful to the environment and labor workers, causing some consumers to strike against it. 

The month of October is here. The weather is cooling down and fall weather is in full swing. There are many ways to get into the fall spirit on campus. The best part? All of them are on a student-friendly budget. 

“VSCO Girls": it’s a term that has circulated the internet for some time now, and even if you’ve never heard it before, you probably know what it looks like.

This month Netflix re-debuted "Netflix and Chills," a category that only comes around once a year highlighting the service's horror and thriller titles. Netflix also released a list of series and titles each month leaving the streaming platform the following month, as well as a ones that will be added soon. 

A burnt orange couch that can be recognized anywhere, one-liners that are understood and referenced by many and the presence of coffee and the theme of friends becoming family are all potential factors that make "Friends" one of the most successful television shows of our generation. 

Rain on your wedding day is supposed to bring good luck, right? United at the Union is hoping that’s the case with their bridal expo that took place Sunday. With hopes of drawing in a crowd of 350 or more potential clients, the event also brought with it some rain. 

Everyone wants to find a community in college. A home away from home where they can debrief, relax and be themselves. The BOLD learning community stands for Building Opportunities in Leadership and Diversity and serves as an escape for multicultural students on a predominantly white campus. 

This past weekend, thousands of fans gathered to watch the long awaited Cy-Hawk game unfold. With the presence of College Gameday in Ames, excitement increased. Chances are, if you live in the state of Iowa, you were either in Ames this weekend yourself, or could count the number on two hands of how many people you knew who were.

A University of Iowa onesie. Tailgates, watch parties, the colors black and gold everywhere you look. From an early age, parents teach their children to cheer for and be fans of certain teams. What happens when you were raised as a Hawkeye fan, but 18 years later, choose the opposition and attend Iowa State University? 

Motivation has dwindled for most students as first exams, papers and projects begin to appear on the course calendar. Distractions affect even the best of students, but there are ways everyone can combat them.

A common genre disliked among people everywhere is horror. Horror movies, haunted houses — Halloween even — are thought of as creepy, gory and straight-up terrifying. The scary effect of music alongside movie scenes, scary costumes and the amount of fake blood and creepy props can be too much for some people. 

Food delivery apps are one tool that helps make college life easier, and while there seems to be a surplus of food delivery apps that students have access to, each one is different in its own way. Cost, efficiency and quality of the app are deciding factors that play a key role in which app students choose for their food delivery needs.

Everyone’s worst nightmare, aside from showing up to class in nothing but their underwear, is acne. The small, four-letter word can cause major problems, especially in college. From eating an overabundance of sweets to stressing over the next calculus exam, acne stems from a number of things.

Ames is known for many things, from its Cyclone pride to the Main Street events. The city is also known for its intense coffee culture and, so many people have different specific tastes, ranging from an iced americano to a vanilla latte with two pumps of caramel.

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