These are submissions from the Voices desk. The theme reflects on the roads we all take in life.

crystal stone

Crystal Stone.

This moment

By Crystal Stone,

Samson had no eyes and a bald head

when God gave him the nod and strength

to kill himself. The columns came down

after Vesuvius erupted and fossilized

the bodies. Sometimes I’m so happy

I want to be covered in ash and laid

to rest beneath my maple tree or left

to rot roadside where bees could make

honey in my rib cage. Life is so sweet

at a standstill, in simple brushstrokes

on a painter’s canvas. There the lion

looks like glitter, volume and light.


kelsey steinbach

Kelsey Steinbach.

no chance

By Kelsey Steinbach,

as i grow

i continue to realize

how good i am

at hurting myself.

how successful i have been

at weaving chemistry into moments

it had no place.

i have watched my relationships burn

at the stake

that i built

with hands that just wanted

to be held.

he had hair longer than mine-

sun kissed blonde locks

he’d push out of his face

using his entire hand.

it is beyond safe

to say

he wasn’t my type.

he lived on a different planet

and orbited a different sun,

than any other boy

i’d thought to give the time of day.

i still cant help but analyze-

dissect each and every situation

that led to expectations

and obligations

he told me

he didnt sign up for.

yet i thought i could win.

i honestly believed i could win

the heart of this boy.

this boy who stopped me in my tracks

and warned me to turn back,

but i chose

not to listen.

ya, im good at hurting myself,

because if you give me two twigs

i am bound

to build a fire.



By Kelsey Steinbach,

the longest days and longest nights behind

me, only bright and breezy skies ahead.

the stars and moon and i somehow aligned

and ran to good and green, avoiding red.

as constellations light the path before,

no second will i waste on anything

but finding soul beneath my skin, explore

my mind, my heart, and breathe the breeze of spring.

the searchings quickly wore me out. so hard

to dig inside, especially alone.

for underneath the walls ive built and guard

i held so steady, lives the girl of stone.

not much to see. no story left untapped.

the girls of stone, forever lost and trapped.



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