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A Dose of Pride: The Iowa State Daily's Pride Month series throughout June.

I show my Pride by being myself and being as out as possible so people around me know I’m someone they can come to if they are scared of coming out.

I always wear a rainbow piece of jewelry, and I am active in groups like Lesbians of Iowa so I can meet other people who share my identity. I advocate for my queer friends and try to be as supportive as possible without neglecting my own self-care.

During Pride, I try to go to Pride events in Des Moines, Ames and sometimes Iowa City. I am also disabled and use a walker or wheelchair, so I have to check accessibility ahead of time. I take the time to watch my favorite LGBT-centered movies and shows or shows with LGBTQIA+ characters. I also try to post on Facebook about LGBTQIA+ historic events and people to inform others about what Pride means. When I was younger, I had no queer role models, and I try to be someone that I would look up to, sometimes just by being vocal about my identity as a disabled lesbian.

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