Mullets, leather and heeled boots were the popular attire of fans at the sold-out Cher and Cyndi Lauper concert Wednesday night. Hilton Coliseum was packed with fans for the rock divas' "Living Proof: The Farewell Tour."

Lauper wasn't decked out in a fluffy dress or side ponytail, but she did give a taste of old songs in her opening act. While she sang, she stepped into the crowd seated on the floor, then proceeded halfway up the parkway to screaming fans.

With songs like "Change of Heart" and "Still With Me," she danced and skipped around the stage.

As she yelled, "Hit it" to her drummer, Lauper played a rock song from her "Sisters of Avalon" album, playing her guitar with only one hand.

Then she slowed things down when she grabbed a rainbow flag from her stage manager and began to tell how family is important to her. After her sister announced that she was homosexual, Lauper decided to support her in any way.

"If you don't have family, who have you got?" Lauper said in her trademark Brooklyn accent.

Then she began the "True Colors" ballad while she clutched the flag.

After rocking to a few more tunes from her latest albums, Lauper halted the concert to ask her stage manager for his cell phone to call her son, Declyn. She had told him earlier she would call him from stage. She got the nanny and her son had just fallen asleep, the crowd yelled for her to wake him up, but Lauper said no.

"If I get him talking now, he will talk all night," Lauper said. Then she played his favorite song, "Hard to be Me."

Lauper exited the stage after "Money Changes Everything," but returned for an encore to play her signature ballad "Time After Time" and "Girls Just Wanna Have Fun." With the last song, Lauper got the fans to their feet as they sang the song back to her.

"She has lots of energy," said Bob Vermett of Webster City. "Cyndi is a good performer - I came to see her just as much as Cher."

Covered in a silver floor-length coat and a furry, sparkling headpiece, Cher descended from the ceiling, letting her fans know she still knows how to rock as she opened with the U2 song, "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For."

Cher stepped down from the pedestal after her entrance and ripped off her coat to reveal a black and silver outfit. A few more lyrics and she took off her fringed vest to uncover only a bra. Fans cheered as she began "Song For the Lonely," her tribute to the events of Sept. 11.

After her opening number, she put on a red coat and top hat, talking to the crowd with a whip in her hand.

"I've been an evil diva for 40 friggin' years. Give me a friggin' break," Cher said, putting her pinkie to her mouth, a la Dr. Evil of "Austin Powers" fan.

Cher commented on how there are new divas these days, "like Britney Spears and Jennifer Lopez," but the crowd only booed.

"I don't know what to say to booing," she said, "Only that I'm with you."

Cher announced how her show was going to be fabulous and everyone should "buckle up because it is going to get rough up here in a minute."

Exiting the stage and returning atop a mechanical elephant, backup dancers dangled on ribbons from the ceiling, dressed in brightly colored costumes and oversized headpieces.

As her dancers flipped and turned, Cher sang, "Found Someone," with a blue scarf around her head, then exited the stage again.

Between each of Cher's songs, she had a musical interlude, a dance number, or video footage of her. Television clips from the "Late Show" and Barbara Walters interviews were displayed on three big screens on the stage, as well as clips from Cher's cinema career, including "Mask," "Mermaids" and "Moonstruck."

These interludes allowed Cher to put on a different costume with different hair as she took the crowd through a time progression of her career.

Dressed in purple striped bellbottoms and a furry vest, she sang early releases from the album "All I Really Want to Do."

Next, she appeared in a long black cloak with a large feathered headpiece for "Half Breed" and "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves."

Moving into the '80s, Cher performed her hits "Jesse James" and "After All" in a blond wig, blue jeans and a white shirt. She appeared with her famous curly black wig, black boots and sparkly black leotard from the "If I Could Turn Back Time," video, donning a sailor hat.

For an encore, Cher came down from a lift with a silver background in a shimmering silver outfit and red hair to sing, "Believe."

Jessica Steege, of Readlyn, was surprised by the show's energy and Cher's stamina.

"I can't believe a woman my mother's age can still look slinky and rock like a diva," Steege said. "The black leotard topped off the performance. It shows the everlasting spirit and charisma that is Cher."

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