Good health habits can lower stress levels, raise self-confidence and overall help contribute to success in college in various aspects. These three Greek members, who currently live in their sorority houses have provided helpful tips to make you the healthiest and happiest you can be while living in your own Greek house, or living anywhere across campus.

Muriel Hyndman, sophomore in kinesiology and health

House: Gamma Phi Beta

"Personally for me, going to the gym releases stress. Just plug in some tunes and work it out. If I’m ever in a rut and I do not know what to do at the gym, I go to a group fitness class instead. Some of my favorites include TRX, strength training and spinning classes. Being active is the easy part for me, the struggle is eating. For breakfast I reach for whole wheat peanut butter toast, oatmeal that is low in sugar and greek yogurt. When it comes to dinners of creamy pasta and cheesy potatoes, I still let myself enjoy them, I just do not over do it. For example on Monday nights we usually have pasta, bread, salad and dessert. On these nights I usually make a big salad using a vinaigrette type of dressing, then take a small portion of pasta and one piece of bread or a roll."

Jade Harris, junior in kinesiology and health

House: Delta Delta Delta

"After I started at Iowa State and joined Delta Delta Delta, I started to share my health goals and passion with others, and I was amazed at the support and encouragement I got. I used to feel like people would judge me if I made a salad instead of eating the pasta, but now that I am so open with my goals, it makes it a million times easier to make healthy choices. I won’t lie, sticking to a meal plan is much more difficult while living in a sorority, but it is so possible. I try to plan ahead the weekend before when our chef puts up the menu. I have been doing my workouts at Tri Delta early in the morning most days. This is the best way to start my day and give me the motivation I need to watch what I eat throughout the day."

Julia Tagye, sophomore in elementary education

House: Sigma Kappa

"I have always lived a healthy lifestyle whether it was through my eating habits, or physical activities. I learned to never skip a meal regardless of how big of a hurry I am in. I make a strong effort to get all of my food groups in throughout the day. One thing that has always helped for me is to think before each meal, 'what is my body missing from the food pyramid today?' I do this all, because I want to be able to feel food not only about the way I look, but more importantly, the way I feel. I have found that the keys for my success have been watching portion sizes, eating lots of fruits and vegetables, staying on a workout routine, and keeping a positive attitude overall about staying healthy. Remember, you only get one body in life so it is important to take care of it, and keep it strong."

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Presu Pis

You can be the girl who lifts weights, trains for a race, does Pure Barre and takes yoga, but still takes the time to let her hair down and put on a pair of heels. Right now, CHAARG, which stands for Changing Health Attitudes and Actions to Recreate Girls, has chapters at 23 universities in the United States. Much like a regular sorority, members have to pay dues to stay in the organization. Once you are a member, that $45 gets you weekly structured workout meetings and fit for life supplements. She was Greek herself as an undergrad and she said that if thinking of the group as a sorority helps people understand its mission, she's cool with it.

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