Go ahead and celebrate; spring is, officially, here.

Just as nature struggles to ditch the cold winds and winter weather it can be hard to part with our beloved hot drinks that brought us comfort walking across campus. But with impending hot days it's time to transition to cooling drinks.

Experiment this spring with different flavors and combinations to make the transition easier.

Lemonade lovers

Lemonade is the stereotypical American summertime drink. You can go the old-fashioned route, blending lemons and water in a blender and adding sugar to taste, or try dorm-friendly flavor packets and stir-in mixes.

Tangy lemonade with Kool-Aid

This lemonade is easily made, even in the dorms. All you need is a pitcher, Kool-Aid Lemonade packet and miniature Sunny D (6.75 oz.). Simply follow the Kool-Aid instructions, pouring in the Sunny D first and then filling with water to the top of the pitcher. Stir and enjoy.

Blood-orange lemonade with Kool-Aid

This lemonade is a twist on the tangy lemonade above. A pitcher, Kool-Aid Lemonade packet and miniature Sunny D (6.75 oz.) make the original recipe. At the end, just add maraschino cherries and a spoonful of the cherry juice from the jar. You can add more or fewer cherries and cherry juice to taste, or add just the juice and put the cherries in each individual glass.

Strawberry lemonade

The great thing about lemonade is the base is water. This means plenty of fruits will add flavor just by sitting in your lemonade. You can add them to the blender when you create your lemonade, or mix them in after. For easy strawberry lemonade, simply cut a few strawberries and put them in your bottle before you leave for the day. The longer they sit, the stronger the taste.

Fizzy pink lemonade

This easy-peasy recipe requires two things: pink lemonade mix and a clear soda (like Sprite). Mix 1/3 cup lemonade mix with one 12-ounce can of soda and you're done. Just like the other lemonades, you can add fruits to change the flavor. Try pineapple for extra tang.

Infused water

Several fruits come into season during spring, including apricots, bananas, pineapple and strawberries. You can chop each into small pieces and put directly into cold water to infuse flavor or invest in an infuser (which will keep pulp out of your water).

You can also pair these fruits together to create different flavored waters, smoothies, or even add them to clear sodas for new flavors.

The key to infused water is cold and time. Placing infused water in the fridge will add flavor. You'll want to store it in airtight containers — jars, bottles or pitchers — to keep flavor pure.

Try adding some of your favorite flavor combinations, like apple with a bit of cinnamon, pear with vanilla or strawberry with banana. There's no wrong way to mix; it's all based on your favorite tastes.

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Amanda Baird

Sparkling water mixed with peaches and rum. Honestly i don't drink but if i did this would be my favorite punch. I'd rather have a virgin Long Island from a nice beverage cart, while chilling on a beach in Hawaii. A mint-lime lemonade with some pomegranate would be nice as well, all sipped through a long straw from a coconut rocking an umbrella, of course.

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