Iowa State senior Bridget Carleton defends the ball against West Virginia University junior Lucky Rudd (left) and freshman Kari Niblack (middle) during the last seven minutes of the fourth quarter. West Virginia University freshman Kari Niblack received her fourth foul during this play. The Cyclones won 77-61 against the Mountaineers.

Despite a 31 point effort from Oklahoma State's Vivian Gray, No. 18 Iowa State defeated the Cowgirls 89-67 on Saturday.

Gray is the Big 12's second leading scorer after Iowa State's Bridget Carleton.

Iowa State had four starters finish the game with double-digit points. Carleton led Iowa State with 24 points, seven rebounds and three assists.

Kristin Scott had a double-double with 17 points and 12 rebounds for Iowa State, while Alexa Middleton had 15 points and Ashley Joens had 14. 

The only non-starter with double-digit points was Mere Burkhall with 10 points.

Iowa State totaled 50 points in the paint during the game to Oklahoma State's 32.

At the end of the first quarter, Iowa State held a 25-23 lead over the Cowgirls.

The Cyclones then finished the second quarter with a 51-39 lead, capped off by a circus three-point shot at the buzzer by Carleton.

During the half, Iowa State shot 52.5 percent from the floor (21-40 shooting) and 40 percent from three (5-15 shooting). On the other hand, the Cowgirls shot 48.5 percent from the floor (16-33 shooting) and 30 percent from three (3-10 shooting).

Iowa State had three players in double-digit points at the end of the half. Middleton had 14 points and Scott and Carleton both had 11.

Gray had 21 points for the Cowgirls at the half.

The lead grew for the Cyclones in the third quarter and Iowa State finished ahead 70-55.

Gray only scored two points in the third quarter for Oklahoma State.

In the second half, Iowa State shot 45.2 percent from the floor (14-31 shooting), but struggled from three only converting 16.7 percent of their shots (2-12 shooting).

Oklahoma State shot 37.9 percent from the floor (11-29 shooting) and 16.7 percent from three (1-6 shooting).

Gray accounted for eight of the Cowgirls' points in the fourth quarter.

With the win, Iowa State's record moves to 19-6 overall and 9-4 in the conference.

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