Members of the Iowa State Softball team high five each other during the starting lineup announcements before the start of the Iowa State vs South Dakota softball game held April 2 at the Cyclone Sports Complex. The Cyclones had three home run hits and defeated the Coyotes 9-1.

The Cyclones are set to play conference opponent No. 14 Oklahoma State this weekend after a 2-0 win against University of Iowa in the Iowa Corn Cy-Hawk Series earlier in the week.

The Cyclones will open the weekend at 4 p.m. Friday, followed by a 1 p.m. game both on Saturday and Sunday at the Cyclones Sports Complex.

Oklahoma State is 29-11 (7-2 Big 12) and ranked 2nd in the Big 12 Conference and 14th overall, while Iowa State is 23-15 (1-5 Big 12) and in last place among the seven Big 12 teams.

Both teams are coming off of a winning streak as Iowa State has won six out of the previous seven games along with Oklahoma State winning five out of the last seven games. 

Oklahoma State has a batting average of .296, which is fourth best in the Big 12, compared to the Cyclones' .263 batting average.

Junior Sami Williams will play a huge factor in this weekend's games as she is ranked seventh out of 10 athletes for individual batting in the Big 12. Williams has a batting average of .413.

Oklahoma State does have the ability to show out this weekend due to the help of pitchers Samantha Clakley and Samantha Show, with Clakley ranked sixth and Show ranked seventh in individual pitching for the Big 12. 

The Cyclones will play at 4 p.m on Friday, followed by a 1 p.m. first-pitch time on Saturday and Sunday at Cyclone Sports Complex.

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