Special Olympics athletes begin the fourth heat of the 100m freestyle event at the Beyer Hall pool on May 24. 

On the second day of the Iowa Special Olympics this Friday, athletes competed in athletic competitions, a celebration dance and several other programed events on Iowa State’s campus.

Starting off the day, athletes began warming up in the pools at Beyer Hall at 8:15 a.m., with events being held for freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke, butterfly, individual medley, freestyle relay and flotation races.

The freestyle competitions had the most races with race distances ranging from 25 meters to 200 meters for individual races. Breaststroke and butterfly had 25-meter races and 50-meter races, and the flotation races were 15 and 25 meters long.

Backstroke had three races that were 25, 50 and 100 meters long. The Medley and relay were both 100 meters long.

After the swimming competitions, athletes competed in doubles tennis and tennis skills competitions at the tennis courts outside Forker Hall. There were then athletics competitions and singles bocce.

At the Olympics Festival -- which was at the parking lot south of Lied, olympians and other attendees had the opportunity to relax and participate in games and activities. In addition, the Olympians had the opportunity to meet and mingle with the Olympics’ partners and sponsors.

The athletes could also attend clinics to develop sport skills and Healthy Athletes Screenings. The screenings provide dental, optical and physical checkups to athletes free of charge.

Athletes receive counseling on healthy living habits and can even receive free corrective lenses.

For the last event of the day, Special Olympians performed a ‘Celebration Dance’ in front of a crowd at Hilton Coliseum.

Aside from swimming at Beyer Hall, all of the events have been held within a five-minute walk from each other.

On Saturday, the games will come to a close with only athletics competitions being held at 8:30 a.m. and ending around 11:30 a.m.

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