Iowa State distance runners Cailie Logue and Anne Frisbie run side by side during the women's 6k at the NCAA Cross Country Midwest Regional held at Iowa State on Nov. 10. Logue placed 3rd overall for the women's division with a time of 20:14. Frisbie placed 9th overall for the women's division with a time of 20:28. The women's team placed first overall with a score of 90.

The Iowa State Cyclones cross country teams will attend the Big 12’s Championship on Friday, Oct. 26 at 10 a.m. in Ames, Iowa.

After coming off an impressive first place win at the Bradley Pink Classic on Oct. 12, the Cyclone’s women’s cross country team is looking to keep up its hard work and make some noise at the Big 12’s.

The men’s Cyclone cross country team did not attend regionals due to keeping runners healthy and focusing on the upcoming Big 12’s.

Head coach of the women’s Iowa State Cross Country team Amy Rudolph is looking forward to having the Big 12’s in Ames and is looking forward to what the team can do after the impressive Bradley Pink win.

During the Nuttycombe invitational, the team went with a different racing style, attacking right at the gun and staying in big groups during the race.

“I am very happy that we could win as a team at the Nuttycombe invitational," Rudolph said. "All the girls have been working very hard and working together during the races. It is very fun to watch.”

The women have been preparing for the Big 12’s all season long. This week, the workouts have been light to keep the players healthy and ready for the upcoming race.

“The girls have trusted me with the workout plan. They know what they have to do to be successful,” Rudolph said.

The Iowa State cross country 2018 season has been one of the best in school history, and the men and women's team are looking to continue the success.

“We are right where we need to be, the girls are looking forward to having the Big 12 conference in their home course," Rudolph said. "This is only the beginning of what the Cyclones can do, there is a lot left in them."

Sophomore runner Amanda Vestri had an impressive weekend at the Bradley Pink Classic a few weeks ago. Vestri finished in the top 10 for the Cyclones at a time of 20:49.4. Vestri followed Anne Frisbie the whole race and just finished seconds after Frisbie, this has put more fire in the flame for Vestri.


Iowa State distance runner John Nownes runs a 10k during the NCAA Cross Country Midwest Regional held at Iowa State on Nov. 10. Nownes placed 42nd overall for the men's division with a time of 30:02.88. Following behind Nownes is Thomas Pollard who placed 47th overall with a time of 30:07.24. The men's team placed first overall with a score of 69.

“Coming in the top 10 gave me a huge confidence boost for the upcoming Big 12 race, and I am ready to show that I can do more," Vestri said. "The closer we can all pack up at the Big 12, the better. Packs are very intimidating."

Every week Vestri works on something she can get better on in practice. This week Vestri has preparing her body and her mind for the upcoming Big 12’s.

“I learned that it is ok to feel pain,” Vestri said. "It is ok to feel pain in my legs and lungs, I just have to become mentally tough, the mental aspect separates good runners from great runners."

Vestri’s favorite memory of cross country was when the Cyclones won the Big 12’s last year which was expected of the team and winning the Regional title.

“Winning the regional title is probably my favorite memory because it was so unexpected, it was great seeing everyone do their best and it paying off,” Vestri said.

The Iowa State Cyclone men’s cross country team are currently ranked fourth in the nation are looking to place first in the Big 12 championship.

Assistant coach of the men’s cross country team Jeremy Sudbury said he is excited to work with a group of talented hardworking men and ready to showcase the hard work they have put in.

“The expectations of this team are very high now. We can’t hide anymore," Sudbury said. "We are no longer underdogs and we don’t shy away from it either.” 

There is always something to improve on in practice in cross country, but both men and women have been putting in all the work for this week.

“We as a coaching staff have done all we can,” Sudbury said. "It’s up to the guys now, we have put in the work, now we just need to execute."

Jeremy Sudbury chose Iowa State due to high caliber coaching of Martin Smith. Smith called Sudbury and gave him an opportunity to change the culture of the cross country program here at Iowa State.

“Our main goal is to bring Iowa State back to the powerhouse where it belongs,” Sudbury said.

The goals of the men include defending their home during the Big 12’s and running smart throughout the rest of the year. The team hopes to stand on the podium for every race in the upcoming weeks.

“We have to go to work and put our best foot forward,” Sudbury said.

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