Members of the Iowa State Basketball Team took part in the third weekend of Cap City League games Sunday at Valley High School.

In the third weekend of the Cap City League, Iowa State players exploded offensively, including newcomer Rasir Bolton with 49 points on Sunday.

Iowa State’s players are divided into six different teams with three different games being played.

Fore the Veterans beats MRG International 110-95

Zion Griffin paced all scorers with 37 points to put Fore the Veterans over MRG while teammate Solomon Young chipped in 26 points and 19 rebounds.

For MRG, Javan Johnson had 27 points and seven rebounds, and Terrence Lewis had 25 points and six rebounds.

Sparta Waste Service downs Walnut Creek YMCA 125-118

Sparta Waste had two 40-plus-point scorers in Rasir Bolton, who had 49 points and 15 rebounds, and Marcedus Leech, who had 43 points.

Bolton shot 18-31 from the floor (4-9 from three) and Leech shot 15-37 from the floor (10-25 from three).

Bolton is one of Iowa State’s transfer additions from the 2019 recruiting haul — the other being Johnson — who transferred from Troy. Bolton left Penn State after his freshman year where he was one of the team’s top offensive weapons.

For YMCA, Prentiss Nixon shot 8-24 from the floor (3-13 from three) and scored 26 points with 13 rebounds and five assists.

Des Moines Outreach Lions Club falls to Waukee-Clive Vet Clinic 124-109

Caleb Grill and Michael Jacobson failed to produce enough points for Lions Club to secure the win as Grill, but five-star recruit N’Faly Dante helped keep the score close with 23 points and seven rebounds.

Grill had 22 points, and Jacobson only had six but only shot the ball eight times, with seven of those attempts coming from three.

Meanwhile, George Conditt IV had 35 points and 13 rebounds while making 4-10 of his three-point attempts, and Tre Jackson had 33 points and 15 rebounds.

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