The first day of the Stanford Intercollegiate in Monterey, California concluded today, and the Iowa State women’s team is in 14th place with a total score of 301.

The current team in first place is, Stanford with a total score of 280, in second place UCLA with a total score of 288, and in third place is Washington with a score of 291.

Junior Chayanit Wangmahaporn leads the Cyclones in scoring and is tied for 12th place with a score of 72. Wangmahaporn scored three birdies, two bogeys and only one double bogey.

Senior Celia Barquin is tied for 34th place and has a total score of 75. Barquin scored two birdies, five bogeys and one double bogey in the first round.

Senior Nattapan Siritrai is tied for 42nd place with a score of 76. Siritrai scored two birdies, six bogeys, one triple bogey and an eagle in the first round.

Amelia Grohn is in 72nd place with a score of 82. Grohn scored one birdie, five bogeys, two double bogies and one triple bogey to end her first day at the tournament.

Freshman Alanna Campbell is tied for 62nd place with a score of 78. Campbell finished the tournament by scoring three birdies, eight bogeys, and one double bogey.

The Cyclones are looking to drop their scores for the next two days of the tournament and climb up the leaderboard by cleaning up their mistakes in todays tournament.

The Cyclones will participate in day two of the Stanford Intercollegiate competition in Monterey, California tomorrow.

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