Members of the Iowa State Womens Cross Country Team run during the NCAA Midwest Regional Meet Nov. 10. As a team the Cyclones placed first.  

As the summer winds down, the fall sports teams get closer to the beginning of their season and their schedules get released to the public.

The 2018 Iowa State Men’s and Women’s Cross Country schedule was released this week.

Both teams have the same schedule this season, starting with the Hawkeye Invitational in Iowa City on August 31st.

The men’s and women’s team won the invitational last year and will be looking to repeat as champions.

On September 28, the Cyclones will be headed to Madison, Wisconsin to compete in the Nuttycombe Wisconsin Invitational. The men’s team finished 16th and the women’s team finished 13th in last year’s Invitational.

Two weeks later, the teams will be back in Madison for the Pre-Nationals. The Pre-Nationals are a precursor the NCAA National Championships.

Last season, both the Men’s and Women’s Cross Country team took home the Big 12 Championship. This season they will be looking to repeat as Big 12 Champions. The Big 12 Championship will take place on October 26 in Ames at the Iowa State Cross Country course.


Member of the Iowa State Womens Cross Country Team is helped back to the tent after completing the NCAA Midwest Regional Meet Nov. 10. As a team the Cyclones placed first.  

Rounding out the schedule is the NCAA Midwest Regional Championship on November 9 and the NCAA Championship on November 17.

The NCAA Midwest Regional Championship will take place in Peoria, Illinois. Both the Men’s and Women’s team won the Midwest Regional last season.

The University of Wisconsin will play as host to the 2018 NCAA Cross Country Championship. The Iowa State Men’s team finished 7th and the Women’s team finished 20th in last season’s championship.

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