Cyclone Hockey's Trevor Sabo takes a shot against Alabama Hockey's Garret Kingsbury during the game Oct. 5 at the Ames/ISU Ice Arena

The No. 5 Cyclones returned home to finish off the regular season in a series against the No. 9 University of Central Oklahoma Bronchos. The Cyclones split the weekend with the Bronchos, losing 4-3 in the first game and winning 4-1 in the second game.

Sabo shines on senior night

Plenty of family and friends filled the stands Saturday for senior night, marking the final home appearance for the senior members of Cyclone Hockey. Senior forward Trevor Sabo recorded a hat trick in his senior night performance.

“It hasn’t really hit me yet honestly, I’m just waiting for it to sink in,” Sabo said. “I know it’s really special, it’s something I’m going to look back at 5-10 years down the road and kind of give myself a little pat on the back for not leaving anything left in the tank.”

ISU Hockey vs Waldorf University

Trevor Sabo, Cyclone Hockey player, shoots the puck at warm-ups Friday night. The team played Waldorf University at the Ames ISU Ice Arena. 

Sabo’s first goal came just over three minutes into the first period when the Cyclones found themselves on an early power-play opportunity. Sabo found the back of the net to give the Cyclones the first lead of the game.

Sabo’s second goal came very late in the first period, scoring with only 19.7 seconds left on the clock. The Cyclones went into the first intermission with a 3-1 lead, two goals courtesy of Sabo.

The third and final goal came just over halfway through the third period when Sabo managed to fire one in and record the hat trick. The goal put the Cyclones up 4-1, a lead they held onto for the remainder of the game.

“It’s the cherry on top of the sundae when a senior can have a great night like that,” said coach and general manager Jason Fairman. “Score a memorable goal that seemed to take the life out of [the Bronchos] in the third period.”

Senior offensive production

Sabo wasn’t the only senior to produce offensively for the Cyclones during the weekend. Several other seniors got involved, whether it be scoring or setting up teammates for goals.

Senior forward Tony Uglem tallied three goals on the weekend. Uglem scored twice in their first game and once more in the second game. In addition to the goals, he also added an assist in the first game.

Senior forward Colton Kramer also scored during their first game. Senior forward Aaron Azevedo helped in setting up Kramer’s goal and one of Uglem's goals. Senior defensemen Kurt Halbach helped assist Sabo’s first goal in the second game.

With it being their last time playing at home for the Cyclones, every senior knew that it was going to be a special occasion.

“It’s crazy that everything’s coming to an end and really just wanted to have a good game,” Uglem said. “The feeling in the locker room, coming up for the game, before the game, everything, everyone was feeling loose and just excited to be here. I think it showed up nice.”


Cyclone Hockey's Tony Uglem takes a shot on goal during the game against Alabama Hockey Oct. 5 at the Ames/ISU Ice Arena.

Momentum moving forward

The Cyclones were only able to add two wins since the start of February. One win came during the split with Colorado State and the second being the 4-1 victory over the Bronchos.

The matchup Saturday provided a much-needed victory for the Cyclones, who hope to ride that wave of momentum from the victory into the upcoming CSCHL Playoffs and ACHA National Tournament.

“We just got to keep doing what we’ve been doing,” Fairman said. “We haven’t been playing that badly.”

The CSCHL Playoffs take place March 15-17 and will be hosted by Lindenwood. After the CSCHL Playoffs, the Cyclones will be in the ACHA National Tournament, which takes place March 21-26.

“Stay focused on the hockey we know we need to play and just come ready to play, it’s all do or die,” Uglem said. “I think this team is ready, I think we can make a run at it and hopefully play the hockey we all know we’re capable of, we’ll have a good shot.”

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