Brock Purdy West Virginia October 2019

Quarterback Brock Purdy attempts to throw a pass against the West Virginia game Oct. 12 in Morgantown, West Virginia.

Zane Douglas, Assistant Sports Editor (4-2)

Iowa State 28, Texas Tech 24

Zane Headshot.jpg

2019-2020 Assistant Sports Editor Zane Douglas.

It would be hard to justify betting against the Cyclones, who are looking like they finally found their groove this season. Iowa State will be searching for its 10th straight win in October — a streak dating back to 2017. Texas Tech isn’t a powerhouse in the Big 12 but the Red Raiders aren’t easy to beat — especially at home. Texas Tech is 3-0 at home and 0-3 on the road, which means meeting the Red Raiders at home is not ideal for the Cyclones. Look for mistakes on both sides to keep this one close, but Iowa State’s level of talent outweighs anything the Red Raiders have to offer. The Cyclones escape with a win on Saturday.

Noah Rohlfing, Sports Editor (5-1)

Iowa State 31, Texas Tech 21

Noah Headshot.jpg

2019-2020 Sports Editor Noah Rohlfing.

There is plenty to like about this matchup for Iowa State, but the Cyclones can’t look past the Red Raiders to the upcoming homecoming game against Oklahoma State. Jeff Duffey does a fine job at quarterback and the Cyclones have had trouble with containment throughout the season. Tech will take an early lead and seem very dangerous. But Brock Purdy and Breece Hall will have a strong second half, ruining Texas Tech’s homecoming in the process.

Matt Belinson, Assistant Sports Editor (5-1)

Iowa State 41, Texas Tech 21

Matt Headshot 2.jpg

2019-2020 Assistant Sports Editor Matt Belinson.

I expect this game to be a shootout from the opening drive. Both Texas Tech and Iowa State come into this game with two of the Big 12’s best offenses. With Texas Tech sitting at three losses and likely out of contention for a conference championship, I anticipate the Red Raiders will want to play spoiler to Iowa State’s season. The game will be close at the half but once the second half rolls around, it'll be all Cyclones.

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