wgolf - Amelia

Then-freshman Amelia Grohn works on improving her game at the Cyclones' practice facility.

The Iowa State women’s golf team concluded the Windy City Collegiate on Monday. They ended the match in 10th place out of 15 teams. This is the team’s worst ranking so far this year, after a first place finish at the East and West Match Play. However, no matter the outcome, there are always bright spots and areas that need to be worked on.

Consistent shooting fell flat

In the two matches before this one the Cyclones shot very well. They ranked in the top at shooting for par 3, par 4 and par 5 at the Dick McGuire Invitational and had four out of six players rank in the top 25 shooters at the East and West Match Play. The team only had three people ranked in the top 30 at the Windy City Collegiate; the others were all ranked below 67th. 

Sliding down the rankings

At the end of round one, the Iowa State women’s golf team ranked first out of fifteen teams. During round two they slowly slid down to third place, but stayed competitive for the most part. Then it all went downhill. By the time round two had ended the team found themselves in 10th place. During round three they could not redeem themselves and shot just well enough to stay in 10th place to end the tournament.

Underclassmen still a bright spot

The Cyclone underclassmen put up a solid showing. Freshman Liyana Durisic had the best Cyclone score again with a score of 217. She tied for 19th place, which was the highest placement of the team. Taglao Jeeravivitaporn had the third lowest score for the Cyclones as a sophomore and tied for 29th, the third-highest ranking for the Cyclones. Freshman Ruby Chou shot very well as the Cyclones' sixth shooter. Chou only tied for 68th, but she had the fourth-lowest score for the Cyclones with 229.

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