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Then-freshman Amelia Grohn works on improving her game at the Cyclones' practice facility.

The Iowa State women's golf team has concluded its first day of the East and West Match Play. The first day was supposed to be on Sept. 22, but it was postponed due to bad weather conditions. Monday the team played both round one and round two, which is a total of 36 holes. First, a look at how the team did in round one.

Liyana Durisic ended round one tied for third place with a score of 70.

Alanna Campbell tied for sixth place with a score of 71.

Taglao Jeeravivitaporn tied for 12th place with a score of 73.

Amelia Mehmet Grohn placed 19th with a score of 74.

Joy Chou tied for 30th with a score of 77.

Finally, Ruby Chou tied for 36th with a score of 80.

The Cyclones placed first after round one with a score of 288. 

In round two, Liyana Durisic tied for seventh with a score of 144. She shot even with par through both rounds.

Taglao Jeeravivitaporn tied for 10th with a score of 145. She shot one above par through both rounds.

Alanna Campbell tied for 15th place with a score of 147. She shot three above par through both rounds.

Amelia Mehmet Grohn tied for 18th place with a score of 148. Grohn shot four above par through both rounds.

Joy Chou tied for 24th place with a score of 150. J. Chou shot six above par through both rounds.

Ruby Chou tied for 34th with a score of 154. She shot ten above par through both rounds.

Iowa State ended round two in second place with a score of 293 in round two and a total score of 581. Wisconsin slipped in front of the Cyclones in round two to take first place with a score of 579.

The tournament resumes Tuesday with Iowa State beginning match play as the No. 2 seed.

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