Jackson Kalz concentrates while taking a shot on the first hole on April 5th at Coldwater Golf Links.

The Cyclones were able to move up the rankings at the end of the second day of golfing in Madison, as well as have some individual efforts up in the Top-25.

As a team, the Cyclones were able to move into fourth place, shooting a collective six strokes better on the day and arriving at two under par. They now find themselves behind Kansas, who improved to 10 under par as a team, shooting eight under par on the day. Second and third place are owned by Notre Dame at eight under par and Illinois State at five under par.

As far as the individual scores, Tripp Kinney shot a four under today, putting him at six under for the Invitational and gives him the individual lead going into the final day. 

Other individual scores include Ricky Costello at one over par, Lachlan Barker shot an even, Frank Lindwall at five over par, and Sam Vincent at 12 over par. Costello and Barker find themselves in the Top-25 at T18 and T23, respectively.

Jackson Kalz shot nine over par on the day, putting him at eight over par for the tournament. Junior Danny Daniels shot an impressive two over par today, placing him tied with Vincent at 12 over par the past two days.

The Cyclones will look to continue this forward progression tomorrow in the final day of play.

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