Ricky Costello prepares to chip the golf ball onto the practice green on April 5th.

Seven members of Iowa State's men's and women's golf programs received big news Thursday afternoon.

Tripp Kinney (Jr.), Lachlan Barker (So.), Ricky Costello (So.) and Frank Lindwall (So.) received the award for the men's team.

Kinney has won this honor for the second straight year.

Multiple members of the women's golf team also took home the award. Golfers Alanna Campbell (So.) and Amelia Grohn (Jr.) made first team while Joy Chou (So.) was a second team selection. 

golf - Amelia

Freshman Amelia Grohn practices at the Cyclones golf practice facility. 

First team members must have maintained a 3.2 GPA or better for the two previous semesters and must have been a part of 20 percent of the team's contests.

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Jean Costache

In my personal opinion it would be get lessons, watch it on TV, and read. At the end of the day just get out and play, go to the range, etc. Everyone had to start sometime so don't feel embarrassed when you get on the course or go during off-peak hours. The golf management companies are the perfect places from which you can gather more information. Watching the golf channel and reading golf digest are also great ways to see what a good swing looks like and they give you all kinds of training tips. Make sure when you go to the range to practice something specific. e.g. don't just take our your driver and whack balls. Get out your 6 iron and try to hit a target, this will improve your game immensely.

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