The final round of the Big 12 Championship came to a close for Iowa State on Sunday afternoon. 

The Cyclones ended their weekend in eighth place out of 10 teams. 

Oklahoma State won the event, followed by TCU and Oklahoma.

Iowa State fell victim to uncharacteristic mistakes and low scores, leading to the low finish on the leaderboard, as compared to last season when the Cyclones finished in fourth place at the Big 12 Championship.

Tripp 07.jpg

Iowa State junior golfer Tripp Kinney tracks the ball after hitting his tee shot.

Kinney gets top-10 finish

While most of the Big 12 Championship did not go in the Cyclones favor, the junior from Waukee, Iowa, led the way for most of the tournament for Iowa State.

Tripp Kinney finished tied for eighth at the Big 12 Championship.

Kinney stayed in the top 10 all tournament long and was the only Cyclone to not shoot over par in any round of the tournament. 

Kinney shot even in both the first and final rounds of play, while carding a 1 under round in the second. Kinney scored a 209 for the weekend (70-69-70). 

With this top-10 finish, Kinney now has five on the season, good for the most on the team.

Plenty of bogies, few birdies

The uncharacteristic weekend for the Cyclones showed the most in the bogie and birdie columns. 

In multiple tournaments this season, Iowa State has either had the most or close to the most birdies of all the teams in any field they played in.

This weekend saw a different outcome.

The Cyclones shot 57 bogies and 35 birdies.

The 35 birdies the Cyclones shot was good for the second-lowest amount by a team at the Big 12 Championship, two ahead of West Virginia. 

In every round of the championship, Iowa State shot at least five more bogies than birdies.

Low scores across the board

The abnormal amount of bogies shot by the Cyclones over the weekend led to the scores for most of the Cyclones to be lower than previous tournaments during the regular season. 

The biggest example came from Lachlan Barker.


Lachlan Barker tees off on the first hole April 5 at Coldwater Golf Links.

Barker has been one of the most consistent producers for the Cyclones all season, leading the team in birdies and stroke average heading into the Big 12 Championship.

The low scores for the Cyclones did not exclude Barker over the weekend.

Barker shot over par in every round of the tournament, including a plus-5 (75) score in the first round. Barker proceeded to shoot 2 over (72) in the final two rounds.

Barker ended the tournament tied for 36th individually, his lowest finish since the Arizona Intercollegiate in mid-January.

Besides Kinney, only sophomore Ricky Costello shot par or lower in any of the three rounds at the championship for Iowa State.

Even with Costello shooting even in the first round, he carded a plus-5 (75) in the final two rounds of play. 

Costello finished tied for 39th at the tournament. 

Sam Vincent shot 2 over (72) in the final round and tied for 21st individually. Vincent shot 1 over in first two opening rounds.


Frank Lindwall gets ready to practice putts on the practice green on April 5th.

Frank Lindwall rounded out the group shot by carding a plus-3 score for the final round. Lindwall also shot 1 over (71) and 5 over (75) for his first day scores.

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