Cyclone tennis against Texas Tech

Senior Emma Waites drives a serve into her Texas Tech opponent's court at the Cyclone women's meet against Texas Tech on March 30. Waites is one of  the senior ladies being celebrated for the Cyclone women's Senior Night. 

After coming off of a dominating performance last weekend against South Dakota and Augustana, the Iowa State women’s tennis team travels to Chicago, Illinois. 

The Cyclones will face two teams again this week, Illinois-Chicago and Illinois State. The Cyclones will face the Flames on Saturday at 9 a.m. and then the Cyclones will face the Redbirds the following day at 10 a.m.

The Cyclones have faced UIC three times prior to this meeting and the first time the Cyclones faced the Flames they were defeated. Iowa State defeated Illinois State last year and the Redbirds are looking to get revenge.

“During this weeks practices we went back and looked at some tape from last weekend," said coach Armando Espinosa. "We made some simple tweaks to singles and doubles."

The Cyclones are still getting into tennis shape and are getting used to lifting weights again as well as playing tennis every day.

Tennis ISU Vs TCU

Junior Meghan Cassens readies for the return as her partner, sophomore Ana Gasparovic, serves during Iowa State's meet against TCU at Ames Racquet and Fitness on Friday, March 28.

“We are trying to get the soreness out of our players," Espinosa said. "It’s a fresh season, we have to condition more, and we have to learn how to play sore.

"It was easy to identify that the girls were sore last weekend playing in their matches, so we just want to build up our strength while playing sore."

This will be the Flames second match of the year and will be looking to come out hot and aggressive to get their first victory of the season.

women tennis ISU vs Drake

Sophomore Ana Gasparovic is getting ready to hit the ball during Iowa State's 5-2 loses to Drake on Mar.7 at Ames Racquet and Fitness Center.

“If the flames come out like Augustana, it could go both ways. They could either be excited to play or they could be rusty," Espinosa said. "Either way we have to come out, play smart and take advantage of either way they come out”.

Illinois State lost their first two matches of the season this year and are looking for a win. The Cyclones are not underestimating either team, if they do not come out and play hard they will go home with a loss.

“We are focusing on our first opponent of this weekend first -- the Flames," Espinosa said. "Were just taking one match at a time, not worrying about the future." 

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