School officials are working to refund customers who purchased a Clone Zone pass to watch an online broadcast of last Saturday's football game that was interrupted by technical difficulties.

"Obviously the people that signed up this week to get the Toledo game and didn't get it are going to get refunded," said Tyler Rutherford, Web services coordinator for the athletic department. "We've just got to jump through the hoops and decide how we're going to do it."

Clone Zone is a service offered by that offers members a live Internet broadcast of athletic events, as well as other media features, such as archived press conferences.

Saturday's game against Toledo experienced problems through the stream, forcing many ISU fans to listen to the game on the radio.

Clone Zone also broadcast the season opener for Kent State.

"It's disappointing because we what we had for the Kent State game was virtually flawless. Nothing went wrong," Rutherford said.

Rutherford said the problems stemmed from the Toledo stream, which Iowa State used to broadcast the game back to fans.

The Rockets, whose first two games of the season were not broadcast on the Internet, are new clients to XL, a company both schools subscribe to.

Mike Adams, general manager of Welch Avenue Station, 207 Welch Ave., provided customers with a live feed of the game on a television.

"It would have been better if they're hadn't been any of the technical problems, but I didn't hear anyone cursing or anything like that," Adams said.

Despite the problems, Rutherford assured all customers that future broadcasts of Cyclone events should run smoothly.

"It's disappointing that it worked out this way, but we're doing what we can so in the future it will hopefully make this better," Rutherford said.

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