ISU Police said Monday nine victims reported theft of cash and cell phones from the Iowa locker room after the Cy-Hawk game Saturday at Jack Trice Stadium.

In a statement to the Daily on Sunday, ISU Police said an investigation was ongoing after items were reported stolen from the Iowa locker room, located in the north end zone of Jack Trice Stadium, during Iowa's 27-21 victory against Iowa State.

Iowa State also released a statement Monday saying ISU Athletics Director Jamie Pollard met Saturday night with Iowa Athletics Director Gary Barta and football coach Kirk Ferentz to express his regret for the incident.

Iowa State said if the person(s) responsible for the theft aren't identified it will reimburse those who suffered losses. ISU Police said the investigation is still ongoing and asked anyone with information regarding the case to call ISU Police as soon as possible at 515-294-4428.

The statement said the area of Olsen Building — which houses the visiting team's locker room — is staffed by private security, limiting access to those with appropriate credentials.

"It is an unfortunate situation, and unusual, in that the Jacobson Athletic Building [which is connected to the Olsen Building] has contracted security detail on site before, during and after games," the ISU athletic department said in its statement Monday. "The ISU Police and the athletics department responded quickly and thoroughly when alerted to the situation and have assured Iowa officials they are committed to seeking answers and improving security in this area.”

The Iowa athletic department told the Daily on Sunday the thefts occurred in both the players' and coaches' locker rooms.

"Iowa athletic department officials confirmed there were items missing from the Iowa players locker room and the Iowa coaches locker room following the football game in Ames," said Steve Roe, spokesman for the Iowa athletic department, in a statement. "Iowa State officials and local law enforcement agencies were very helpful once the incident was reported after the game."

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