The traditions we all know and love are back at the Iowa State homecoming for year 102.

The returning traditions include lawn displays, painting storefront windows, Victory Lane, banner competitions and Food on Campus. Two new traditions will be premiered including, but not limited to, campus decks and Cy Factor.

The traditions are available for the entire student body to get involved in.

Iowa State’s longest running homecoming tradition, aside from the football game, are the notorious lawn displays, which have seen dwindling numbers over the past ten years.

“If that continues to 2020, then that tradition will be dead and that’s not okay,” said Homecoming general co-chair, Evan Fritz.

In order to accommodate for this, the Homecoming Central Committee (HCC) brainstormed ideas for an alternative to lawn displays.

Consequently, campus decks was born, with five Greek houses participating this year.

Campus decks are similar to lawn displays, only more similar to a larger backdrop with a skit in front of it, said HCC display co-chair, Carlton Stripe. 

This alternative was cheaper, had less liability and less lawn damage for Greek pairings that are participating.

Another new tradition at Iowa State is CY Factor, a talent competition that students could register to participate in.

Being in its first year, CY Factor has already been well received. More people registered than spots available for performers, causing there to be try-outs, said HCC display co-chair, Alexis Patinos. 

The banner competition on Central Campus also has a unique feature for this year’s homecoming. IRHA and collegiate council are displaying their own banners near their residence halls this year, an event that used to be exclusively for Greek pairings.

Friday, once again, will include the Pep Rally, Yell Like Hell finals, ExCYtement in the Streets, pancakes on Central Campus and mass campaniling.

Following the homecoming theme, Cy’s 60th Birthday, there will be birthday themed games at the pep rally, as well as a possible cyclone-shaped birthday cake.

Students can also get involved by purchasing a button for Food on Campus, which will be taking place all week on Central Campus from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m.

Student groups can paint a four by six-and-a-half foot square on Victory Lane outside of Jack Trice Stadium or paint one of the Ames business windows in Campustown or along Lincoln Way.

“What's there not to be excited about?” said Patinos. “It’s a time of school pride. It's homecoming, and everyone has homecoming, but it's one of those times you really get involved with your university,” said Stripe.

The traditions at Iowa State are something many current students look forward to every year and also something that ties students together with the alumni of Iowa State.

“They’re so important because most all of them have been around for decades," Fritz said about homecoming traditions. "It’s something that is a point of connection between Iowa State students, Iowa State alumni and Iowa State staff.”

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