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A student gets airborne during his performance during Yell Like Hell at central campus on Oct. 22. Yell Like Hell is a competition among fraternities and sororities that takes place during homecoming week. 

Greek community members gathered Saturday afternoon to participate in the annual Yell Like Hell competition, kicking off homecoming week with a roar of Cyclone tradition.

The competition’s first cuts, which took place on Central Campus, included performances by 13 sorority/fraternity pairings, all including voice-losing screams of school spirit.

“I like the hype of it," said Natalie Bretey, junior in finance and Chi Omega member. "It brings everyone together and kicks off homecoming week."

The first Yell Like Hell competition, which took place in 1963, invited Iowa State students to create “an original yell” to be judged on a basis on spirit, creativity and overall appropriateness, and was performed at Iowa State’s Homecoming pep rally.

The competition has grown into a giant skit of yelling and an intense battle between pairings, all vying to make it to the the last cuts. With performance titles such as “Cyclone Power” and “Cyclone Spelling Bee,” the skits can express unique stories related to common Iowa State themes, such as campaniling, failing Library 160 and searching for the albino squirrel.

“I love to see how creative students get and see what they think is important to Iowa State,” said Julia Lapham, graduate student in education and first-time Yell Like Hell judge.

Every sorority and fraternity is required to participate in the homecoming event, and the pairings are assigned two co-chairs per chapter. The co-chairs are given a set of rules, such as time limits, and are in charge of incorporating the year’s homecoming theme, but also coming up with an individual theme for their own performance.

This year’s homecoming theme, "Leave Your LegaCY," inspires students to get involved with Iowa State and leave a positive mark when they leave the university.

“I think it's really cool for students to have the opportunity to interact with ISU alumni,” Lapham said.

With participants sporting navy blue T-shirts and jeans, each group’s chant of school spirit lasted about five and a half minutes and was critiqued and rated by judges.

Although it may look like just a fun skit, greek community members bring their competitive faces to performances.

With weeks of dancing, stomping and shouting preparation from each pairing, audiences found the performances exciting and impressive.

“They’re all really good, and I can’t imagine how much effort they put into [the performances],” said Emma Wilson, freshman in pre-athletic training and Alpha Phi member.

The annual homecoming tradition brings current students and alumni together for an afternoon of fun-filled performances, as a chance to participate in a popular Iowa State experience.

“It’s a good experience to meet new people,” Wilson said.

Second cuts of Yell Like Hell will take place at 6:30 p.m. Wednesday and will include painted performances by the following eight pairings that made it through the first cuts:

  • Cyclone Power
  • Cyclone Circus
  • Cy Cuts Loose
  • Our Adventure is UP There
  • The Game of Life
  • GoodCYe ISU
  • I Spy with My Little Cy
  • Cyclone Night Live

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