If you’re bored of the same old Christmas tree sitting in your living room every year, with the green and red lights and the same snowflake ornaments you’ve had for the past few years, don’t be afraid to try something new.

Why not decorate your tree according to a theme? Themed trees look attractive – and they show off your creative side.

If you’re running a blank thinking on cool themes, here are a few ideas.

Iowa State

As an ISU Cyclone, why not show your pride with a Cy-themed Christmas tree?

Decorating cardinal and gold is simple enough. Start with some red and white lights across the tree.

Head out to Wal-Mart or Hobby Lobby and buy some cardinal and gold ornaments. These are popular Christmas colors already so it should be easy to find. You should also be able to find some for realatively inexpensive prices.

Some places around Ames even sell actual ISU ornaments. For the real thing, try Hobby Lobby or any ISU clothing store around town.

If you want to add ribbon, you can stick with the basic cardinal and gold colors or even find some ISU ribbon around Ames. Try draping the ribbon horizontally or vertically depending on your own personal preference.

For the final touch, top your tree off with Cy. They sell Cy-head hats and stuffed animals at various stores in the area. If you can’t find your favorite mascot, throw on your favorite ISU stocking cap to complete your Cy-Tree.


Why not decorate your tree to show some love for your country? If you’re proud to be an American, decorate your tree with red, white and blue.

First, use red, white and blue Christmas lights all around your tree. All three of these colors are very easy to find in lights at almost any store. You can also choose just one color to keep your tree less cluttered.

You can stick with the simple red, white and blue ball ornaments, or you can look around and find some white stars to complete the look. If you’d like to keep your tree fun, add some small American flags in the branches of your tree to really display your American pride.

Lastly, to top your tree with ribbon, choose a generic red white or blue color, or look at Hobby Lobby and other craft stores for flag printed ribbon.

Top your tree with a shiny star, and you’ve got a tree even the president would be proud of.


Remember in elementary school when we would glue popsicle sticks and yarn together to make our very own ornaments to bring home to Mom and Dad?

If you’re like me, and you still own all those crafts from your childhood, put them to good use and decorate your tree with them.

Your tree will be sure to be a conversation starter with all the mismatched glitter stars and paper angels. Even better, every time you look at that tree, you’ll be headed down your own personal memory lane.

If you don’t have your childhood crafts anymore, channel your inner child and make your own crafty ornaments. You can get as fancy as you want – or keep it simple with construction paper, glue and yarn.

Adorn your tree with multi-color lights to complete the look.

Either way, you’ll have a fun tree and feel like a kid all over again.

Photo Gallery

Another way to bring back good memories each time you take a glance at your Christmas tree is to decorate with photos.

First, choose a color scheme. Pick a few colors you like together and use ornaments that fit the scheme. You could choose pink and purple, blue and white, or whichever colors you like.

Print off 20 to 40 of your favorite photos. For a classic look that matches your color scheme, use black and white photos. To keep things colorful and fun, print your photos off in color.

Glue your photos onto your choice of cardstock paper to keep your photos from being flimsy on your tree.

You can use clothes pins to attach the photos to the branches. You can also punch holes into the corners of your photos and use fishing line or string to drape your photos across the tree – like lights or garland.

You’ll now have a tree that brings back memories – old and new – each time you walk by.

College life

Most college students spend their weekend in one way: drinking. At least those who are of age. If you find yourself to fall into this category, start saving up bottle caps.

Whether your favorite drink is Bud Light or Smirnoff Ice, save as many bottle caps as you can. Glue some string to the back of the bottle caps to make your very own ornaments.

You’ll have an alcohol-themed tree that every college student will love.

Whether you decorate your tree to reflect your school and country pride, bring back memories, or to bask in college life, your creatively themed tree will be the talk of the town.

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