It is possible the Homecoming in 1953 is the most famous — or perhaps infamous — Homecoming in Iowa State's history.

It was this year the riots by the students got coverage from national news sources across the United States.

The football game that Saturday was one of the most exciting games in Cyclone history. The ISU football team upset the University of Missouri in a game 13-6, causing great excitement among fans and students.

Maybe a little too much excitement.

Students walked to ISU President James Hilton's home, where they chanted: "No school Monday." It wasn't long until the students realized Hilton was not at home. The riot made its way down Lincoln Way, which was then U.S. Highway 30.

There, students staged a sit-down on the street, again demanding: "No school Monday." The riot evolved to get more violent. Members in the crowd carried and dragged lawn displays down the street and proceeded to set them on fire.

Ames Police and police officers from nearby towns came for crowd control, but ended up having to use clubs and tear gas in attempt to calm the crowd. Students fought back using eggs, rocks and pumpkins as weapons against the police. 

Eventually the crowd dispersed, and students went to class Monday in reluctance. 

However, the riot returned again that night, chanting: "We want Tuesday off." President Hilton promised the idea would be considered following the next win. The angry crowd replied by saying "We may not win another game." 

The riot continued to grow in anger and began to barricade the highway until eventually the crowd dispersed and students went home.

These riots gained fame not just among Ames and the state of Iowa, but also across the nation. Famous news sources such as the Los Angeles Times and Life offered coverage of the riots.

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