Your Daily Dose this week covers the ISU presidential search, the Pride parade, tuition increase, athletes going to Canada and Iowa Museum Week.

Next Saturday, four teams will battle it out on the court for a spot in the NCAA March Madness Championship. If you’re not really into sports, here are some facts about the teams, the tournament and the upcoming games to help survive this basketball filled week.

Sunday night’s 90th Oscars ceremony was full of history, social commentary and musical performances. Check out our takeaways from the awards:

Every four years since Jan. 25, 1924, countries from around the world have gathered to celebrate the Winter Olympics. The Winter Olympics have fewer sports than the Summer Olympics but definitely have what some may call more obscure sports.

In the spirit of the holidays, many TV stations start to play the same movies on repeat. Test your ability to recognize these movies by reading 10 popular winter movie quotes with hints, then guess the film that they belong to.

Hosting any festive gathering can be a big task to take on. New Year’s Eve is one of the biggest holiday celebrations of the entire year, and just the thought of hosting a party for New Year’s could be enough to add stress to someone's life.

Identities at odd: Heather Marie Dunn is Christian, conservative and transgender. While many believe Heather can't live all three identities openly, Heather doesn’t think she has to choose one over another and her identities don’t have to be pitted against each other.SportsMen’s basketball: The Cyclones won over Alcorn State 78-58 on Sunday following a 94-80 win against Northern Illinois on Monday and an 84-78 win against the Iowa Hawkeyes.Women’s basketball: The Cyclones beat North Caro…

Iowa State lecturer arrested during class: Gordon Knight, lecturer in philosophy and religious studies, was arrested on Thursday for public intoxication. ISUPD received an anonymous tip that the professor was slurring his words during class.SportsFootball: Iowa State will play in a bowl game for the first time since 2012. On Dec. 30 the Cyclones will face No. 19 Memphis during the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee.Women’s volleyball: The Cyclones fell to Wisconsin on the second round of…

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