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Everyone has heard the term “fake news” at this point, whether or not it has been met with agreement or a groan is a personal issue. As one can probably tell, I have little fondness for reporters or journalists; of course, if a journalist is truly unbiased, takes both sides of the story, I will like them far more than the run of the mill variety.

At all levels from the Iowa State Daily to the New York Times, it seems that journalists have attached themselves to the Democratic Party. In a survey of journalists who donated, 430 — or 96 percent — donated to Hilary Clinton.

Media is increasingly being controlled by monopolies, and anyone who shakes against the establishment scares them. When Bernie Sanders or Donald Trump were campaigning, so much negative media attention was focused on them because the people at the top saw them as threats.

They will likely call out Andrew Yang due to his gaining traction. That is where I can disagree with even some Republicans. Monopolies are bad, and the journalism industry specifically is completely infested. This is due to colleges also being almost entirely controlled by left-wing thought. If Republicans want to counter, the first places that should be cleaned is the school system and journalists afterwards. A massive 21st century trust bust would serve to make journalism more respectable, as well as allow opinions that dissent from the mainstream. 

I will call on all future journalists reading this now to be honest, don’t let your biases control you, and be respectful toward the people.

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Steve Gregg

Well said, Ryan. However, as decades of biased journalism show, lefties simply can’t be trusted to tell us the truth. Everything they say is intended to promote their politics, which is socialism. The only answer is to balance the politics of the editors by hiring half conservative. The Daily has resisted this for the last half century. Somebody must drag them, kicking and screaming, to a balanced perspective. The loony lefty editors of the Daily are incapable of reforming themselves.

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