We often hear that the supporters of the pro-life movement are just a bunch of misogynistic idiots who are in denial of basic biology. This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. 

Upon this examination of biology we will examine the fetus, which we hear all too often is simply a bundle of cells. Proponents of the pro-life ideology, myself included, will first argue that this bundle of cells is distinct from the mother and is not a part of her body. Any student of biology can tell you that it is impossible for the human body to grow an organ with completely unique DNA, as does the fetus from the moment of conception. 

The question then arises; is the fetus alive? As if it were not alive, then it could not possibly be wrong to get rid of it. The counter to this is equally simple. There is nothing that can multiply and grow as the fetus does, that is not also alive, i.e.: dead cells do not divide. 

I have also heard many who support abortion claim that the fetus is merely a parasite and it would be fine to deal with it as such. The answer to this claim takes little more than basic reason and a knowledge of biology. No parasite originates within the body. Every parasite is the result of an outside creature of another species infiltrating the body, therefore, the fetus cannot be a parasite as it originates of the same species and within the body.

Though many within the pro-abortion community will disagree, or outright ignore these arguments from science, I hope that they will at least show that there is a good argument from science for life at conception.

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Joe Hall

Short, but accurate nonetheless. It baffles me that those on the pro-choice side assume the only reason to be pro-life is because of religion. The so called "party of science" is very unscientific sometimes.

Jim Crabb

Its interesting that if you drive drunk and kill a pregnant woman and her unborn child, you get charged with two counts of murder, but abortion is legal? How can it be okay to kill a baby in one instance and not in the other?

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