Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement, the Food & Water Watch and Public Justice have filed a lawsuit against the State of Iowa, because we have waited long enough for clean water in Iowa.  Voluntary measures and the outdated Master Matrix for factory farm permitting are pipe dreams based on the hope that the factory farm industry will "do the right thing," except that we know better.

Recently I was thinking about the rather incredible amount of snowfall we had this winter followed by the destructive flooding that left so much of the farmable land in parts of the state devastated, and it made me realize that Iowa will be, for better or for worse, on the frontline in the war against climate change.

To begin with, I’m not sure how many of you will read this, as you should be studying for finals. Yes I’m talking to you. If that doesn’t deter you, I want to talk about tuition/fees at ISU.

Recently, there has been much discussion in the Daily about issues related to higher education, particularly student loans and government funding of higher education. Recent editorials have outlined Senator and presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren’s proposed student loan forgiveness plan and have urged the Iowa legislature to approve the full amount of funding requested by the board of regents, in both cases urging students to make these educational issues one of their voting priorities.

President [Wendy] Wintersteen just announced the planned tuition hikes for the 2019-20 academic school year. I have seen so many articles recently that are bashing the Board of Regents for continuing to cut funding to universities but no one has taken a step back to look at the bigger picture. While having state funds cut by the Board of Regents is troubling, it is not the main driver of tuition hikes.

It is suggested that by 2025 there will be 10 million English language learners (ELL), but ELL students are continually underperforming on standardized tests and are being left behind. Equitable education is the law in the United States and that doesn’t mean equal education, it means education that allows opportunities for all students to succeed. In order to provide equitable education, schools must provide digital equity, or the access to digital tools, resources and services to increa…

Devastating flooding in many areas of Iowa is causing widespread pollution from industrial agriculture and adds to our long-term problem with water quality. We have over 750 waterways polluted with nitrates and phosphorus and subject to cyanobacteria blooms. Toxic blue-green algae thrive on the Phosphorus and Nitrate fertilizer run-off. As a result, Iowa is a major contributor to the dead zone in the Gulf of Mexico, has many state beach closings and water supplies with dangerously high N…

We often hear that the supporters of the pro-life movement are just a bunch of misogynistic idiots who are in denial of basic biology. This idea, however, could not be further from the truth. 

While I completely agree that there are other causes that need attention, we need to stop focusing on just Flint. Obviously, what happened in Flint is a tragedy and it was extremely frustrating for me personally because of my major as well as the work I do at the City of Ames water plant.

Vaccines are genius: expose the body to an inactivated virus and your immune system learns how to defeat it, which builds up immunity. If a certain percentage of the population is vaccinated, that disease cannot spread efficiently and infection rates can plummet.

Everyone has heard the term “fake news” at this point, whether or not it has been met with agreement or a groan is a personal issue. As one can probably tell, I have little fondness for reporters or journalists; of course, if a journalist is truly unbiased, takes both sides of the story, I will like them far more than the run of the mill variety.

Recently, when I was discussing politics with a friend, he mentioned the controversy of Steve King having a Confederate flag on his desk, in addition to the Confederate Statue removal that has recently been happening. I had vaguely known that it was controversial, but after seeing his absolute disgust in it, I decided that we should try and view it from the opposing points. We came to a neutral end to the discussion.

Recently, Iowa State has had a fair amount of speakers coming to campus that are considered to be “extremists” (Nick Fuentes, Westboro Baptist Church, etc.).

The reason why this topic is so important to me is because there is nothing being done, I feel like we are failing the children who need us the most. Our system is growing more and more due to families not being able to care for these children and it is impacting our system and the amount of resources we have to help these kids.This is a very emotional topic also because we see/hear what goes on with certain children and all you want to do is help, but we need more families willing to ad…

If you only pay attention to one side of our current politics, every issue would appear non-controversial. You would get the impression that your side is obviously right, and that the other side is either stupid, corrupt, or motivated by something objectionable, like racism or greed.

I support very strongly the men and women who have and have yet to come forward because I have friends and an aunt who was abused. The most important thing to be for a person who went through sexual harassment is to just be there for them. I have learned that it is important to let these people know they are heard and understood for what they went through. To validate and make sure they are not alone is all you can give to these people in your lives.

In a recent issue of The Daily, the editorial board published an article entitled, "Swift Political Action Necessary, Critical," which discusses the response to the horrific tragedy in New Zealand where an evil human being shot and took the lives of 50 victims and injured many more.  The editorial board subsequently praised the response by New Zealand prime minister Jacinda Ardern, in which her government banned “military-style assault rifles and high capacity magazines” from being owned…

The Iowa State Daily’s Editorial Board has again failed to do its due diligence before using its platform to argue. In yesterday’s “Swift Political Action Necessary, Critical,” the Board makes three fatal errors that destroy any credibility they may have had when arguing on their chosen topic of legislative action against Second Amendment rights.

An evil man taps send as he uploads his manifesto to the internet. He presses play on his GoPro, streaming video to Facebook. Filled with a wretched heart the man drives to a mosque. He picks up his gun and kills 42 people. Six minutes later, he drives to another mosque. The shooter fires at two individuals along the way. The man then arrives at his second target and kills seven more. The attacker flees for some unknown reason. He is arrested shortly afterward by police.

Over the past few years politicians, activists, and members of the general public have rallied around the idea to abolish the Electoral College system. This is coming on the heels of multiple elections where winners of the popular vote ended up losing the actual election.

I was born and raised in Dubuque, Iowa. I grew up with a mom, dad and two younger sisters. I have a very large family who I am well connected with because they are all in the Dubuque area. Much of my life was centered around school and sports. I have always held very high expectations for myself in everything I have done, and looking back I was probably over-involved but I appreciate all the connections and memories from my choices. I was captain of multiple sports, Student Body Presiden…

My name is Liera Bender and I am from Urbandale, Iowa, which is a suburb of Des Moines. I grew up with my mom, dad and younger brother, who is a sophomore here at Iowa State and also my roommate (haha). I am biracial, my mom is black and my dad is white, which has really shaped the way I view society overall. Because of this I’ve always seen the world through dual lenses. I am very close to my family; they are my number one supporters and people I can trust no matter what.

The respondent to my original letter to the editor (that letter being Intersectionality, Critical Race Theory Serve as Political Ideologies) does not quite grasp the core arguments made in my original piece, and those that she does touch on, are misrepresented.

Up to this point in my life discouragement has shown its face in areas that I thought it had no business being in. Past friendships, relationships, academic advisors, and peer mentors have all given me their fair share of opposition and it’s unfortunate but it has left a mental scar that as of this point [in my life] I haven’t completely recovered from. However, through all the disbelief, dissuading, detesting, and the “do you think that’s possible for someone like you” statements, I sti…

While this is my first public letter, I thought I would offer some insight into critical race theory (CRT) as I am in the midst of completing a theoretical framework for CRT as a doctorate student in Education, along with my five years of studying systemic inequalities through a theological and educational research lens. I will follow up with a letter on intersectionality once I have had the time to obtain evidence (research) for my claims. I have outlined ten points that speak to my reb…

On Monday, March 11 an anonymous source sent this to the College Republicans email account. Because of the Daily’s policy on anonymity, it cannot be posted without a name on it. The source has handed it over to us to do with it what we want. The sender does not want their name out there, understandably, because they have seen the way people who have spoken about this are being treated. My name is Olivia Fox and questions may be directed to our club email account, amescollegerepublicans@g…

The arrival of Nicolas Fuentes caused a ruckus on the Iowa State campus. Articles released by the Daily in the build-up and the aftermath of Fuentes’ arrival denounced the man for his “common enemy” identitarian conservatism and racial politics.

On Wednesday, March 6th, Iowa State Student Government voted to rescind support of Iowa Senate File 274 and House File 316. This bill was focused around free speech on college campuses in the State of Iowa.I am currently serving as a College of Engineering Senator in Student Government. I unfortunately was not able to attend the full meeting on Wednesday evening. However, I was able to hear the arguments during open forum on Wednesday and the previous Wednesday about how this bill was an…

I hate to preface any writing or thoughts that are truly my own, but in the interest of trending intersectionality that runs prevalent on college campuses today I will do so: I am a biracial man, graduate of Iowa State last year, and future graduate student beginning in the Fall of 2019. To me, as I do not subscribe to intersectionality but rather to individuality, my race is the most arbitrary and least important aspect of myself. For many, however, race functions as the foundation of p…

Student loan debt is one of the largest problems that faces our generation today. With over $1.5 trillion in student loans, students are forced to make massive personal and financial sacrifices to simply make each payment. Our society has accepted this as normal but 30 years ago our parent’s generation did not have these same issues.

The Feb. 10 hit piece entitled "The Beach Boys will come to Stephens Auditorium, only in name" by Trevor Babcock in the Iowa State Daily was filled with vitriol and laced with inflammatory connotations intended to curb interest into what many believe to be the greatest music of all time.

I would like to thank Senior Judge James Gritzner for his unequivocal support for the First Amendment and freedom of speech. The senior judge evaluated the facts against the "Agricultural Production Facility Fraud" law, a deceptive name and offensive statute. He found no provision in the Constitution where the rights of corporations override the rights of natural persons. (Corporations are not people.)

With the beginning of the Iowa legislative session upon us, I hope to use this guest series to explain the roles of the following state entities when it comes to setting your tuition rates: the Iowa Legislature, the Board of Regents State of Iowa and the Governor.

It’s no secret the cost of higher education is one of the main barriers of entry to higher education in the United States. Many solutions to this problem have been suggested including making higher education free or encouraging students to go to other institutions like a trade school instead of a 4-year University. While that debate rages on I think before doing either we should look first into ending the unfair price discrimination against our out of state students.

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