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Iowa State students wait patiently for their votes to be counted in the Iowa caucus. From the beginning, the pioneer room was struggling. The caucus organizers ran out of registration forms, making it near impossible for students to register for the caucus.

While I think that it is important to discuss the “lanes” and to look at trends in the Democratic Party in general, I also think its most important that caucus goers to choose the candidate that calls to them. 

When you look at the polling, it’s pretty clear the American people were by and large not too happy with the options the parties rolled out in 2016. Negative voting like this was rampant in this divisive election, and I fear this way of approaching voting has seeped into the Democratic primary race.

While I think that, for Democrats, it is incredibly important for voters to really consider electability in the general election, I think a lot less should go into the weight of this category. As many of the candidates stress on the debate stage, it is extremely important for Democrats to vote Trump out of office. Hyping up these polls that pit leading Democratic candidates against Trump is not entirely telling, as it is difficult to determine what the political climate may be over a year from now — when the election actually takes place.

I’m anticipating the political climate of the Democratic Party to shift dramatically from this relatively tense and tumultuous time of debate over the foundational policy views that the party should rally behind. These debates are important, but when the party has a nominee, I think the hierarchy of needs will kick in and Democrats will fully support the nominee.

This, of course, is not to say that I think Democrats will necessarily win the White House come in 2020. I merely think that that probability is affected less by the candidate that the primary process chooses and more on other factors surrounding the political atmosphere, turnout and the allocation of resources.


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Steve Gregg

The Democrats will lose the 2020 election because they have not learned anything from their 2016 defeat. Instead of examining their policies and themselves and asking why voters did not choose them, they chose to double down on their self-righteousness and declare anyone who voted against them to be wrong, racist, even Nazis. They doubled down on hate and failure.

They spent two years promoting a phony Russian collusion story that turned out to be one giant lie. The Democratic candidates all promote various schemes to loot the American public. When, in the first debate, every single Democratic candidate raised their hand to support paying health care for illegal aliens, they were pounding nails in their coffin.

Beyond that, liberals have spent the last ten years calling anyone who disagrees with them racists and Nazis. That does not win you any crossover voters. To liberals, if you don’t understand how a $15 minimum wage will stop global warming, as the Green New Deal claims, then you’re a racist. To the normal person, Democrats look like one flaming ball of hate.

The Democrats deserve to lose. America needs competing parties to act as devil’s advocates for each other’s proposals. The Democrats have traditionally espoused soft socialism, which is, for most things, a losing strategy. However, now the Democrats have become something like a religious movement, which has abandoned all reason, declaring itself the ultimate good and all others evil. No normal, sane person could vote for them. They reek of madness and hate.

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